Sunday, June 22, 2014

Obama's Hunger Games

I am sympathetic to the plight of those pouring across our borders, but I don't understand why we are blowing billions to warehouse them, feed them cold eggs, entertain them and provide them free bus fare to join their family members who are also here illegally.  Why not simply fly them back to their respective nations' capitals?  That is the humane response.  It sends a message quickly and decisively that if you risk robbery, rape and murder to come here, we'll just turn you right around and you'll be back home, poorer but wiser.

The next step in US policy needs to be a coordinated effort with the governments of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, focusing on economic development, law enforcement and criminal justice.  

We also need to dispense some tough love and let those nations know that we will not be their safety valve.  They've got to clean it up:  Their governments are corrupt.  Of course, our own moral standing has been eroding beneath our feet for over a decade now, so we're not really possessed of the gravitas to deliver that message, are we?

An Obama Trifecta

But it is clear that this vast migration north is a win-win-win for:
1) The Central American Governments;
2) The criminal gangs and corrupt Mexican officials who usher them through Mexico and exploit them in the process, and;
3) The Democrat party vote harvesters, the US government poverty pimps who need to keep their numbers up so they can continue to devour their share of taxpayer money, and the Chamber of Commerce low-wage exploiters.

The lawyers are really cleaning up, since Obama set up a federally-funded jobs program that pays slip-and-fall shysters to sue the Federal Government on behalf of people who crossed our border illegally.  Is America a great country, or what?

An added bonus is that it pits groups against one another, and that is what the DC politicos do best.  It's great for fundraising and getting out the vote.

Obama's Progressive Hunger Games

Most immoral of all are those who think this is OK, that anyone who can navigate the gauntlet of violent gangs and corrupt police, and who risk robbery, rape and murder to get here, should get to stay.  This encourages a real-life Hunger Games of sickening dimensions.

Obama caused this, and he did it on purpose.  Newspapers in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are full of news that his government has waived all restrictions and is granting free passes to women and children.  A responsible government with a useful State Department would have embassies that read the press in their host nations and issue clarifications, but ours is not a responsible government.  The Obama Administration has willfully misled poor Central Americans, and now, here we are.  I would like to know how many died trying to make the journey.    

If the situation in these nations to our south really are so bad that it warrants granting people refugee status, then the humanitarian thing to do is to pull a reverse Berlin Airlift, flying planes in 24/7 to evacuate any and all and bring them to the US.  Anything less would be cruel and inhumane.

* Late Breaking Update:

When you hear rabid leftwing La Raza Democrats talking like this, you know their sick and cynical strategy to lure people here has backfired on them politically:
“I do not see the countries of Central America stepping up to take responsibility for the danger, dysfunction, death and despair in their own cities and towns,” Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, Illinois Democrat, said Thursday.

Mr. Gutierrez pointed to “the insatiable appetite for drugs on our streets” that is feeding into drug gangs’ power in Central America. (Washington Times)
It's amazing. Of course, he's dodging and deflecting, but he does sound rational for a change. Could it be that Americans are overwhelmingly pissed off at Barack Obama about this humanitarian nightmare, and that they overwhelmingly blame Democrats?

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