Monday, May 11, 2015

Dueling Jihadis

There is utility in nagging, smart-mouthed women like Pam Geller standing up and speaking out. I love watching her lash into the hate preachers with filthy beards. You know it just galls those wife-beating throwbacks to be finger-pointed and shouted at by a liberated woman. I applaud that, because it is a surgical strike, a precision-guided missile aimed directly at obscurantist jihadis while leaving the peaceful practitioners around them unmolested.

But the Muhammad cartoon debacle?
Not so much. I compared Geller to pornographer Larry Flynt because Geller and her ilk take a beautiful thing (the 1st Amendment) and pervert it and debase it for the concupiscent pleasure of Islam-haters.

There's a Better Way
Want to defend our God-given liberties and put religious bigots on notice? This is America. We fight it out in the courts and in popular media.

Spiritual Lawfare
When they come to silence the church bells, you tell them to stuff it. The next step is to stand up in a court of law for your religious freedom to ring that church bell. But you better be prepared to support the guy hollering from the tower as well.

Same goes when a Muslim agitation group insists the school or workplace cafeteria stop serving pork. You tell them tough. This is America. My tolerance ends where your religious demands begin.  It's called toleration.  You can't dictate our behavior.  Ever heard of a famous Broadway play called The Book of Mormon?  People here are free to not only ignore your religion, but to mock it, thumb their noses at it, and say mean things about it and its adherents.  But I will support your request--not demand--for the cafeteria to serve halal food.

To support such legal efforts, give money to Jay Sekulow's American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and Mark Levin's Landmark Legal Foundation.  And demand the rat bastards at the ACLU stand against religious poobahs who demand we bow down to their edicts. Does the L in ACLU stand for liberal, or not?

Gay Rights & Women's Rights
Government and their quasi-government adjuncts like churches, planned parenthood and the swarms of social workers get all up in our business in the name of child welfare, women's health, tolerance, diversity and healthy communities, so jump on that, get involved and point these state instruments at the bigots and misogynists in the Muslim community.

Do what the left does. Go find those teens who chafe at their parents' religious strictures and publicize their plight. Find the closeted gay Muslims and help them form clubs and organizations. Give voice to Muslim women who are oppressed. But most importantly, stand with good, peaceful Muslims who simply want the right to live their lives without being the victims of discrimination. They don't like the bearded bigots any more than you do.

Media Matters
Anybody else notice how quiet the normally-noisy Muslim activist groups are when the debate turns to social issues like gay marriage? Call them out!

Put a microphone in that smiling CAIR spokesmouth's face and demand to know why Elton John has never performed at one of their functions.

Demand the media do to Muslims what they do to every famous conservative Christian. Get up in that friendly Muslim celebrity's grill and ask if they support gay marriage? Blasphemy? A woman's right to leave her husband and move in with her lesbian lover?

Folks, the leftists are masters at this, and dammit, we've got to learn from them. "It's for the children!" is a big joke by now. But it works. Can we learn from that? Islam makes the Mormon and Catholic churches look like code pink cross-dressers, yet the Muslim activists are smart enought to fly under the radar, and the leftwing dhimmis let them get by with it.

Sure, the leftwing whiners and scolders will squeal when they see the right using their tactics, but when they poke their ranty little pin-heads up above the din, we demand they tell us whose side they're on. Do they stand for liberal values and the rights of daughters to marry whoever they want, women and gays to determine their own lives? Or do they stand with the religious tyrants in dirty smocks demanding blasphemers be put to death?

But I'll end on a more modest note. We are a nation of laws, including those that protect religious liberty. Use them. Smartly.

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