Monday, May 4, 2015

Inmates Running the Asylum

Another day, another policeman shot. This time, it was no-doubt-innocent-citizen Demetrius Blackwell walking to church with his hands up shouting "don't shoot!" When NYPD Officer Moore and his partner...
... pulled up in an unmarked police car to a man who was adjusting his waistband suspiciously.

Bratton says the officers exchanged words with the man before he turned suddenly and fired at least twice, striking Moore. (AP - Yahoo News)
Here is what a flaming leftard had to say in the comments:
We need to indict more cops and find them guilty in a court of law. They don't get it. Why stop this man in the first place when he was committing not one single crime. What was he going to be charged for? "Adjusting his waist band in a strange way? Come on, these thugs wearing the badge are out of control.
If Obama had a son, he would make a comment just like that...

Two Americas

Big city cops operate in a demimonde prowled by criminals who are experts at playing the system.  Juvie Hall is basic training, then back on the streets for On The Job Training, and prison is where perps get their advanced degree. Profiling is a must:  Time of day, location, and most importantly, behavior.  Things like eye-contact or adjusting a waistband may seem innocuous, but they are important indicators when placed in the larger context.

Democrats:  Progressive Pandering, or Do They Really Mean it?

By all means, investigate questionable police behavior, and prosecute the dirty cops, but leftwing Democrats in positions of responsibility are going too far, issuing dog whistles to criminals, looters and rioters and to the guilty white latte leftists who enable them.

The sickest part of this is that Pelosi, Feinstein, The Obamas, Holders, DeBlasios, and the lower-lever pols still climbing the grubby ladder are all effete metrosexuals, rich and poweful oligarchs, or downright filthy multi-millionaires.  They send their children to private schools, wall themselves off from the societal dysfunction they foster, and live at a safe distance from the 'Spaces to Destroy' they create for their constituents.  It's sick.

Baltimore Bolshevism 

The mayor of Baltimore had to issue a tearful apology for calling the rabid animals who burned and looted her city "thugs."  But the apotheosis of this political pandering to criminal and irresponsible elements is the Baltimore City State's Attorney, Marilyn Mosely, whose husband is a city councilman representing an area where the rioting occurred.

Leftwing progressives in the Democrat party have a multi-headed monster by the tail.  Employing marxist rhetoric and pandering to the trendy socialist sensibilities will end badly.  If Mosely and her ilk actually believe the garbage they are spewing, it is even more ominous.

Here is Michael Savage's analysis.  Please listen.  It is less than two minutes.

96% of Americans are bracing for race riots this summer. My predictions? 

* Democrats will scramble to profit from the conflagration they've fueled.

* Mosely is headed for higher office

* The most serious charges against the officers will not stick, but that wasn't the point anyway.  It appeased the crowds and provided a launching pad for  Marilyn Mosely

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