Sunday, May 10, 2015

Freedom of Expression

Muslim Expression:  Three Examples

Pamela Geller has her fame now.  Thank God and one brave Garland policeman that the only casualties were two jihadis.

Un-Civil Rights

People I like and respect are comparing Geller's recent event to the 'provocations' of civil rights marchers in the 60's, but the comparison is inapt. 

Back in the 60's, black people marched demanding government grant them the same God-given rights enjoyed by their white fellow citizens.

Also, the civil rights marchers did not stick a finger in the eye of those they strove to convince. Yes, they disturbed many segments of white America, how could they not?  But they were not mocking and defaming. They instead appealed to shared religious and cultural values to win over the hearts and consciences of those who were oppressing them.  These are important and fundamental differences.

Finally, had this event been organized and attended exclusively by people from Muslim societies, we would indeed have a new civil rights movement that we could all cheer.  Jews and Christians insulting Muslims does not rise to that level.

Geller as Rosa Parks?  

Yes, people are actually making that comparisonOther overheated rhetoricians have compared her to a girl who almost got murdered just trying to go to school, or religious minorities struggling to survive and worship without being raped or killed in very a hostile part of the world, and even to victims of terrorist attacks. 

Geller is more like fellow 1st Amendment provocateur Larry Flynt...

Let's put aside Geller's fame-at-any-cost look-at-me-ism for a minute and assume the people who attended the event were sincere.  What is their goal?

Is it to inflame people by throwing our First Amendment rights in their faces like a frying pan full of hot bacon grease?  If so, mission accomplished!

However, America is better than that.  We are a people who can simultaneously grasp every fitness and dietary craze while also becoming more obese and unhealthy, and then make it all OK with cutting-edge surgery and innovative drugs.

Surely we can find a more noble way to defend our eroding foundational freedoms.

Could we at least set our sights a little higher than trying to outdo rabidly atheistic Frenchmen?

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