Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Obama's War

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Islamic State group's takeover of Ramadi is stark evidence that Iraqi forces lack the "will to fight," Defense Secretary Ash Carter said, in the harshest assessment yet from a high-ranking Obama administration official of the U.S. effort to bolster Iraqi forces to retake their territory from extremist militants. 

Iraqi soldiers "vastly outnumbered" their opposition in the capital of Anbar province but quickly withdrew from the city in Iraq's Sunni heartland, Carter said on CNN's "State of the Union." The interview aired on Sunday.

The Iraqis left behind large numbers of U.S.-supplied vehicles, including several tanks. (Yahoo News)

Additional US Training and Materiel Will Not Fix the Iraqi Army

Like most Arabs, they won't fight for anything other than their own clan unless there are ruthless officers in the rear corralling the weapon-droppers and retreating cowards and shooting them in the head.  That is what it takes to motivate them to fight like men.

Obviously, unlike under the cruel tyrant Saddam, that is not happening now.  There are also sectarian factors in play.  Maybe if we let the Iranians take over...

Where are the Anti-War Code Stinko Types?
OK, folks.  It's time for the anti-war left and progressive Peace Prize Laureate Obama to put on their big boy pants and get us the hell out of Iraq.  Totally and completely.  That includes emptying out our sprawling fortress embassy.

Did you know five US military personnel have been killed and one wounded so far in President Obama's Operation Inherent Resolve, a military deployment he initially tried to keep stealthy and nameless?

Did you know we have "boots on the ground" in Iraq?

Democrat party scribes in "the press" have been peppering GOP presidential hopefuls with useless hypotheticals about whether they would have invaded Iraq, but we have a real situation unfolding right now, and the white-hot spotlight needs to be on President Obama and what he is doing about it.  Where are the No-blood-for-oil screamers?

Does Obama's Freshman Foreign Policy Debating Society have a strategy yet that doesn't reek with unintended consequences?  Remember when lefties used to love bleating on about blowback?

So, c'mon you leftwing kooks, dope-smoking OWS rabble, Code Stinkos pinkos, sincere liberals and anti-war screamers:  Take it to the White House, and demand your hero pull us completely and definitively out of Iraq.

Or are you waiting for a new GOP president to protest against?

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