Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Twilight of Freiheit?

Western nations have been taken over by globalists and their toadies in government.

People living in comfort and happiness in communities where they feel secure enough to thumb their noses at powerful corporations and push back against government intrusion are a threat to the ruling oligarchies and global elites.

Invasion of Germany

Geeez has written about how immigration is destroying tranquil German neighborhoods, and then I read this in the New York Times.
With the federal authorities expecting a flood of newcomers — an estimated 300,000 will apply for asylum in Germany this year, after 200,000 in 2014 — places like Vorra, population 1,000, are struggling to make room for those who are already here seeking legal status and integration.
So, in summary, small-town German life is being destroyed by the German government, and some Germans are committing crimes in response:
"But along with hospitality, Germans are also showing hostility. In Vorra in December, and in the Saxon town of Tröglitz over the Easter weekend, arsonists set fire to renovated shelters just weeks before migrants were to move in."
Guilt and Shame, Favored Tools of the Progressive Left

The Times takes a light touch, but a whiff of pogroms, brownshirts and Kristallnacht simmer just below the surface of the text. The overall tone is standard progressive propaganda: Anyone who opposes immigration is a dangerous reactionary, one step away from shoving the untermenschen into ovens.

And the leftwing progs hang 70 year old guilt over the Germans' heads to keep them in line:
"There is widespread understanding that Germany’s Nazi past and current wealth impose a particular obligation to accommodate those fleeing hardship and war."
A widespread understanding? Says who? How widespread? Have they taken a poll recently? I would love to see Germans stand up and tell the leftwing shamers to take the nazis, swastikas, the guilt and their societal vandalism and shove it all up their asses.
"In a recent German poll, more than half the respondents said they thought there was strong hostility to foreigners in the country."
That poll reveals a typical German way of expressing a politically-incorrect opinion: Using passive language to voice concern by saying they see it in others. That is what decades of shaming will do to a people, but make no mistake, Germans are pissed off and tired of it, and the old trick is wearing thin of calling everyone to the right of Karl Marx a rightwing nazi.

Is it a crime to want to preserve your culture and your traditions, to reject efforts to upend your traditional little village where your great-great grandparents were born?

What options do traditional communities have in response to government immigrant dumping?

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