Thursday, September 17, 2015


A few observations, a few remarks I liked, they may be paraphrased:

I forced myself to sit through the entire debate, took nine pages of notes while doing so, despite the fact that I have to say I agree with Kasich "If I were watching this I'd be inclined to turn it off", and I was.

Bragadacious?  I swear I heard Trump say that in his opening remarks... is that a word?

Christie: Take the camera off me and put it on the audience, are you better off now then when Obama took office... No hands... That's why I'm running.

Trumps opening attack on Paul was as Paul said "Sideways, off topic, and sophomoric".

Walker on Trump: We don't need an apprentice in the White House, we've had one for the past eight years.

Christie: I'm an outsider, I'm a Republican in New Jersey.

Fiorina: This isn't about changing D's to R's, it's about changing the system.

Huckabee: Obama treats the Iran agreement like it's the Magna Carta while Iran treats it like toilet paper.

Paul: Every time we've toppled a secular dictator we've gotten chaos and our actions have backfired. Thank you Captain Obvious... but I jest, if only more people could see the obvious.

Rubio: Iran chants death to all Americans, Kerry asks them if we can meet them halfway.

An observation: Candidates in favor of the 10th amendment when it comes to Kim Davis and Kentucky are opposed to it when it comes to Colorado and Marijuana.

Another observation: Statements about calling Obama's bluff and forcing him to veto bills seems to have consistently gotten the most applause from the audience.

Fiorina: Democrats don't want immigration problem solved, they want it as an issue.

Carson: Invading Iraq didn't cause the problem, withdrawing did.

Rubio on gun laws: Criminals by definition ignore the law. 

Fiorina on putting a woman on the 10 dollar bill:  I wouldn't change the 10 or the 20, it's a gesture nothing more, women are not a special interest group. (BRAVO)

I can't say there was any winner or really even any loser.  My opinion of Fiorina and Kasich went up, my opinion of Christie went down, I don't think anybody really swayed me.

What did you think?






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