Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Future Looks Dhimm

The next Hagia Sophia?

Walter Russell Mead sums it up:
What we are witnessing today is a crisis of two civilizations: The Middle East and Europe are both facing deep cultural and political problems that they cannot solve.
In the Muslim World...
At bottom, we are witnessing the consequences of a civilization’s failure either to overcome or to accommodate the forces of modernity. One hundred years after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and 50 years after the French left Algeria, the Middle East has failed to build economies that allow ordinary people to live with dignity, has failed to build modern political institutions and has failed to carve out the place of honor and respect in world affairs that its peoples seek.
"In Europe and the West...
...the crisis is quieter but no less profound. Europe today often doesn’t seem to know where it is going, what Western civilization is for, or even whether or how it can or should be defended. Increasingly, the contemporary version of Enlightenment liberalism sees itself as fundamentally opposed to the religious, political and economic foundations of Western society. Liberal values such as free expression, individual self-determination and a broad array of human rights have become detached in the minds of many from the institutional and civilizational context that shaped them".
Add in how reckless military adventures and abuses in the name of capitalism have discredited our means of security and economic prosperity, and the crisis becomes even more profound.

There is no Going Back...  Time Only Moves in one Direction: Forward

Simple demographics is changing Western societies. Speyer’s Kaiserdom will have men in filthy beards shouting the Hate Whitey song in arabic from it’s Romanesque towers within the century.

Hopefully, the transition will be peaceful, and the good Muslims will allow us to warm our bleached flanks in the sun as our candle flickers in the twilight.

In the end, can we really lament a society so thin and so vapid that it has abandoned it's cultural heritage and its God, so guilty and ashamed that it cannot stand for anything as it sinks to its neck in the squishy bogs of Multi-Culti, "Tolerance," and "Diversity?"

Can we really lament the passing of a clapped-out collection of intellectually empty, morally degraded and financially bankrupt wage slaves, basement-dwelling gamers, slackers, inebriated sports fanboys, drug-addled loungers and pop culture gluttons grown obese and stupid on the dwindling bounty bequeathed them by their forbears?

We're too self-absorbed and flaccid to even propagate ourselves.

The future belongs to the brave and the strong. Look around and tell me who fits that description.

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