Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Is Donald Trump Serious?

* When I wrote this last week, I was leaning toward "yes, he is serious."  But since then, he has gratuitously bashed Megyn Kelly (which made him look like a petty, bitter churl), and embraced Sarah Palin (don't get me started...) -- Kurt Silverfiddle 

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post...

Like most, I though his GOP candidacy was one more publicity stunt at the expense of others, but news sources report that he is spending some serious cash and standing up robust grass-roots organizations in key states.

He may not go away.  He may really want to be president..

How can we tell he's serious?

$ If he continues building up campaign staff around the US and brings in some heavy hitter campaign organizers.

$ He tones down his language and becomes more disciplined.  Not his manner, but rather stops the poor word choices.  Trump must be a disciplined man, and if he is serious, I predict the same Donald, the same candor, but lacking the gratuitous insults.

$ Polling.  If he starts pulling in so-called Reagan Democrats (obviously not the same people, but disaffected middle of the roaders unhappy with what the Democrat party has become).

$ He starts promulgating substantive issue statements.  Did you see how he defended his immigration policy against the hapless Chuck Todd?  Serious, sober, and not backing down one inch.

Can Trump Win?

Reagan Democrats, the disaffected and previous non-voters hold the key.  If he gains the nomination, he cannot win without cross-overs.

Can Trump Govern?

Say trump becomes president.  Would he be a good president?  I say yes.  He knows how to run organizations and do big things.  I predict he would bring first-class people to his staff, and he would do so without regard to party or ideology.  I predict some serious DC crockery would get broken.

Also, unlike Obama's weak-kneed sister brigade led by Heinze-Kerry, America would again conduct hard-nosed negotiations with other nations.

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