Sunday, September 13, 2015

Your Fat, Irresponsible Uncle

If people were hit directly with the full costs of $950 billion farm bills and $1 trillion foreign wars, they would grab their pitchforks and storm Capitol Hill. But the citizenry hasn’t resorted to pitchforks yet because politicians use “fiscal illusion” techniques to hide a lot of the costs. (Downsizing Government)
What If?

What if government had to balance the budget each year, either by cutting, or by billing each taxpayer?

What if, instead of having taxes withheld throughout the year, you had to tally it up at tax time and write a big check?

What if, before embarking upon an Iraq-like foreign adventure, government had to cost it out and inform the public that taxes would go up to pay for the endeavor?

Is it possible to run the United States government on a balanced budget? How?

Or, why not?

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