Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Obama Vs McKinley

Do you Care?

And why Denali (Proper spelling: Deenaalee)?  That's only one name of nine given by different tribes of local Athabaskan people? Why not Dheenadheet? Or perhaps Dghelay Ka'a? Denali is great if you're Koyukon, perhaps not so hot if you're Holikachuk or Ahtna. 

According to the Alaska Native Language Center there are only 2,300 Koyukon in Alaska, far fewer in number than the school children who will undoubtedly fail future geography tests on the subject. All in all, according to the native language center there are a whopping 5,235 Athabaskan speakers in all of Alaska, so keep that in mind when Obama talks of "many Alaskan natives".  

Me, I could really care less but it is comforting to know that our President doesn't have far more serious issues on his plate that would be distracting him from this pressing subject.

So when are we renaming Pike's Peak "Heey-Otoyoo"?

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