Tuesday, April 19, 2016

...and the Camel You Rode In On

The "Kingdom" of Saud is threatening to unload 750 Billion in US assets in an attempt to influence our government and our courts.  I say let them, in response the Fifth Fleet shall no longer be at your beck and call, US military forces shall no longer defend your "kingdom", and the US shall no longer supply spare parts to your (our) modern aircraft and missile defense systems. 

In other words:


Want to engage in economic warfare against us?  American oil production is at a 43 year high albeit slowed slightly by OPEC overproduction.  Want to see US overproduction?  Want to see American government subsidized production? Want to see 1930's oil prices? How does $10 a barrel sound?  


The only thing the "Kingdom" of Saudi Arabia exports is oil and terrorism, and frankly we no longer need either. There is no reason on God's green earth that America needs to prop up this hereditary dictatorship.  It's time to welcome Spring to the Arabian Peninsula.

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