Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Intel inside...

Intel, a powerful advocate lobbying the government for an expansion of the H1B Visa program because it just can't get enough qualified American workers, announces plans to lay off 12,000 employees.

USA Today

In the past Intel's Immigration Policy Director (No, I'm not making that up), lamented:

"in an increasingly competitive global marketplace for talent our nation's outdated immigration laws hamper our ability to attract and retain key employees," Muller continued. "One example is the rule that spouses and dependents of an employee on an H-1B visa are not authorized to work until that employee achieves a permanent work visa"

Advocating that not only the spouses, but the children of H1B employees be allowed to work as well.

Intel DHS Letter 

Roughly 3% of Intel's workforce are H1B because "it can't find enough workers with advanced technical skills in the United States." 

Intel inside... like a tapeworm! 

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