Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cultural Appropriation?

A female student of color assaults a white male for appropriating her culture... dreadlocks.

The white student is wearing a hairstyle with roots in ancient Greece, India (he is Caucasian after all), the Nordic (Viking) countries, and the Jewish Nazarites.

The black girl is apparently upset that he is wearing a hairstyle that was appropriated by Rastafarians followed by black Americans in the 70's.

So the key question is how much of this girls culture has been appropriated from others?  How much of her culture is African?  Very little I would guess.  Glass houses and all...


Dreadlocks have varied origins, it is a hairstyle worn by some African tribes, it also has independent origins in cultures as far ranging as Europe and Asia.  

Is a white male guilty of racism for wearing dreadlocks?  Is a black female guilty of racism for attacking him over it?  Or is it just stupidity?  


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