Monday, April 11, 2016

The Machinations of Propaganda

Fair Use
Is this the Boston Globe or the Onion?

Can't say I'm surprised as the Boston Globe rises to the journalistic standards of the National Inquirer.  If anyone had any doubts as to whether the Globe was nothing more than a propaganda rag those doubts are gone now.

From headlines of Market Crashes, Deportations, Military Revolt, and Libel Changes the paper gives one (perhaps a few) staffers view of their coming apocalypse.  Not really the function of a major urban newspaper. Opinion is opinion but opinion disguised as news is something else entirely.  This is the material of The Onion, Mad Magazine, and related publications, not normally found in serious journalistic outlets.  Remember these are the same people who think millions are too stupid to figure out how to get a government photo ID, what do they really think of these millions ability to discern the difference between satire and news published in bold headlines with full color photos?

"This is Donald Trump’s America.
What you read on this page is what
might happen if the GOP front­runner 
can put his ideas into practice, his words 
into action. Many Ameri­cans might find this 
vision appeal­ing, but the Globe’s editorial 
board finds it deeply troubling"
Meanwhile, Obama deploys B-52's to the Middle East and all is hunky dory.

I have to admit I dislike Trump and like satire, and this is funny, no doubt about it, but does it belong in the Boston Globe? Is this humorous satire or dark political propaganda?  Either way, The Onion is funnier.

Billionaire reading name in the Panama Papers, 
totally forgot he had money in the Seychelles. 

Clinton campaign Treasurer crushed to death
after stack of campaign funds topples over.

But it was a good spoof/great stunt... can't wait to see next Sunday's Hillary Clinton issue... oh, wait...

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