Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Not Politics

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Is this a sad commentary on the state of the American educational system, or not?

Currently raging on the interwebz is the following math problem and the teacher's response.

8. Reasonableness
Marty ate 4/6 of his pizza.
Luis ate 5/6 of his pizza.
Marty ate more pizza than Luis.
How is this possible.

The student's answer was "Marty's pizza was bigger than Luis'"

Sounds reasonable to me.

The teacher however marked that wrong.  Stating "That is not possible because 5/6 is greater than 4/6 so Luis ate more".

That so? Tell you what Teach... I'll eat 5/6ths of a 12 inch diameter pizza if you eat 4/6ths of a three foot diameter pizza.

If I understand what the question was attempting to elicit... the ability to discard unreasonable answers (what about unreasonable questions)... the student's answer was a reasonably correct answer.

Bad question, bad teacher, good student.

What do you think? 

I think I miss real New York Style Pizza.  There is a place here that serves New York Style but in my opinion it's not quite right as the sauce is too sweet.

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