Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Decline Looks Like

The last time a US Ambassador was killed was during the Carter administration

President Barack H. Obama is a dithering, bumbling boob, careening and staggering from one disaster to the next. US incomes are falling, jobless claims continue to rise, and he has the ignominious distinction of not only being the first and only president to rack up a trillion dollar annual deficit, but to repeat the Augean feat four years in a row.

His electoral shock troops, a criminal rabble calling themselves a “Teachers Union,” are in revolt in his corrupt home town of Democrat Machine-controlled Chicago, as he slams the door in the face of the Israeli Prime Minister. I don’t think our country can take much more of his hope and change.

Meanwhile overseas, we have sown the Islamic wind and are now reaping a whirlwind. His administration’s response to the murder of a US ambassador was ramshackle and incoherent.  First silence, then an apology which Mitt Romney criticized, causing the White House and their minions to attack the GOP candidate, before the White House itself repudiated the embassy's apologetic statement.

Finally, a day later, some hollow indignation from a feckless figurehead tottering upon a crumbling society.
The United States, the president said, is "a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others." However, he added, "There is absolutely no justification for this type of senseless violence. None. The world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutal acts." (CBS News)
He skipped off to the campaign trail right after issuing these words, the blood not yet dry from the murders of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other American embassy personnel.

We Need a Bigger Reset Button

The failed “Reset” with Czar Putin was a farce, and it set the tone for this administration. The only reset button we need is one that flushes this dangerously incompetent administration down the toilet.

We killed the Libyan zookeeper, and the escaped beasts thank us by killing our ambassador. We pushed out the Egyptian zookeeper with almost the same result.

We should drop all this warm and moist talk of Arab Springs and new days dawning in the Middle East.    We are dealing with wild animals who become murderously enraged over cartoons and YouTube videos, and we should act accordingly. Stay out of it, and when we must wade into it, do so heavily armed. They are not rational, and the rational ones among them are apparently unable to restrain their unhinged coreligionists.

Worse yet, our actions on their territory are just as irrational. What are we doing there? Helping allies who shoot us in the back as soon as we hand them an American taxpayer-funded weapon? “Liberating” people who use their newfound freedom to do violence against us? They may be crazy in defense of themselves and their beliefs, but we are incredibly stupid for embroiling ourselves in that seething cauldron of hatred and anger.

How long before the pliant liberal dhimmis throughout Western Christendom start blaming Sam Bacile for his anti-Muslim film?

A personal note: I have worked out of US embassies and I have known ambassadors and State Department personnel. I can criticize our foreign policy, but I cannot criticize the good men and women who represent us, often in hostile environments. I have also been in some out of control mob situations overseas, barely escaping with my life on a few occasions, so this one hit close to home for me.

This is what a government looks like when it doesn’t know what it is doing. Lest you think I’m too hard on Obama, Bush’s administration was what government looks like when it knows exactly what it is doing as it earnestly and determinedly sets about doing the wrong things.

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Z said...

and now there's Yemen......
what the heck's going ON?

Stop the money, everybody come home...lock our doors.
Oh, darn, they're already here anyway.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

No argument on the general failures of this Administration......but in the spirit of American politics, the upside for some is that it gives a good couple of years for Romney to blame Obama.

Our foreign policy has been broken for some time now. We haven't transitioned our mindset from nation-state to market-state...much to our peril.

Thersites said...

We haven't transitioned our mindset from nation-state to market-state.

Thank the Lord for small blessings!

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Look, we cant control what these lunatics are going to do in Libya, or in Egypt, bur we can control what we will and should do afterwards, and the bottom line is that this pathetic excuse for a Commander in Chief is doing nothing but making excuses and will continue to hand them Millions or Billions in Aide. And that is not only a showing of weakness but pathetic in ever way imaginable.
The bottom line is that we have a pathetic excuse for a Commander in Chief!

Thersites said...

May the transition from timocracy to plutocracy NEVER occur!

Thersites said...

The former "CinC" was little better in seeking to "democratize" vice "Colonize"... for at least with colonization comes the remote chance of eventual "civilization".

Always On Watch said...

How long before the pliant liberal dhimmis throughout Western Christendom start blaming Sam Bacile for his anti-Muslim film?

Already happening! I heard the blame cast on CBS this morning. I imagine that the same is happening at ABC and at NBC.

Always On Watch said...


...[Y]ou have the official statements from the Nour Salafist party, which announces an official partnering with this call. It had no reference to the current movie, which means that they simply searched for anything to use as an excuse. They could find nothing major except a satirical video.
This demonstration was about one thing – creating havoc to apply pressure that would lead to a change in Egyptian Constitution by Nour: Salafi Nour Party officially joined the Commonwealth of ‘voice of wisdom’ with Wisam Abdul Waris, as well as with Nader Bakkar, the party’s official spokesman and Dr. Ahmed Khalil Khairallah, member of the supreme body.
Said Bakkar: Ahmed Khalil of the supreme body and I joined the Association of the voice of wisdom with Dr. Wisam Abdul Waris as official representatives from Nour Party and the Salafist call.
Bakkar then added that the association… …aims for legal prosecution for anyone of harm to Islam at home and abroad.
Bakkar said the following in remarks on his personal facebook page: …after the movie that abused the Prophet (peace be upon him), none will dare object to our determination to put an article in the constitution that criminalizes insults of the divine through portrayal or animation of the prophet, His companions, and all His House and mothers of the believers… this is the least we can do.” In other words, the persistence of Muslims in the past to pass legislation, both internationally and locally, is the reason why they orchestrated this demonstration in which an American was killed in Libya.

Anita Davis said...
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conservativesonfire said...

And on top of everthibg else, some on the Right are attacking Romney for politicizing the events in Libya by his criticisn of Obama.

If Obam had one iota of love for our country, he would step aside a let an adult take charge.

Anita Davis said...

Excellent comment conservativesonfire
"If Obam had one iota of love for our country, he would step aside a let an adult take charge."

I have been reading this blog and I get infuriated at what I have been reading by some of these liberals
I totally disagree with what these Liberals - Progressives, the rest of the lot are saying and I totally agree with what Mr. Romney said about the Obama administration including and especially Hillary Clinton.
Romney accused the Obama administration of showing weakness in the attack that killed the U.S. ambassador, and I totally agree. How else should it have been put?
Why should he have not said what is true?
And as for the timing, I think that it was the perfect time to say what he did.,
Four of our people from the U.S. Embassy were killed not they were murdered! And the way Obama and Hillary spoke was disgraceful and yes it was “akin to an apology,”
And I totally disagree that these attacks are the result of some stupid movie or video, or Your-tube or whatever. How stupid do they think we are?
The Muslim's HATE the USA. Period. They want us GONE. They want us DEAD. Why can’t this president understand that? How many times do we have to see the bodies of our follow American’s before we wake up to that?
Just watch the films on the news Just watch them laughing as they destroy and kill everything that has to do with America. Just listen to what they are saying. The attacks on our Embassy's and Consulate's are going to spread and there is nothing we can do to stop it, except get the out of these 3rd world pig styes and stop giving them our money.
Our Dear Secretary of State said yesterday "this is a “JUST” small group of militants. Well we now know that’s not true. And we now know that Obama is once again not a leader.
If you Liberals are not happy about what Mr. Romney said yesterday, then NOW you know how we felt when Obama was mouthing off about Mr. Romney’s past.
Bottom line, lets see what President “Gutsy Call” is going to do. But I’ll save you the time, he will do nothing. This is ANOTHER act of war, President “Gutsy Call” what are you going do about it, besides send in 40 Marines to protect an Embassy that is already burnt to the ground? So don't you think it's a little late for those Marine guards, Mr. President?
Our Ambassador and 3 staff members were Murdered by these savages and all Obama know how to do about it is to apologize, always apologize!

Rational Nation USA said...

You described the Bush administration quite well with your closing words methinks.

conservativesonfire said...

BTW, I am leaving this message at all of my stops today. You and your readers may want to come by my place today to learn of an alert about "Blogger Idenity Theft". Everybody needs to know what is happening.

Steve said...

Chicken Little crying again.
Do you remember what was said to Chicken Little?

Bunkerville said...

Time for carpet bombing. Warn them first... then... just like we did in Germany during WWII. Anymore deaths of Americans, one city at a time. They want to live in the stone age, lets help them out. I am sick of it all, while we finance all of this nonsense.

Libs are whiners said...

The Progressives will tell you.
“Before he knew the details of what happened or the timeline of the tragedy, candidate Romney shot off his mouth in what is being seen as a hugely embarrassing and irresponsible mistake by the man who wants to be president.”
Gimme a break. This Administration is a do nothing Administration, and that’s why these animals are walking all over us.
“Romney shot off his mouth”? Romney only responded to the LIES that Obama and his Sec. Of State Hillary were putting out.
We have 4 Americans who are dead who were butchered and slaughtered because this Administration did not have the foresight to fortify these embassies on the anniversary of 9/11. And all these Progressives can do is blame Romney! We have 4 more dead Americans, including an Ambassador whose body was dragged thru the streets.
Who is the embarrassing and irresponsible one? The Idiot that lied to us (Obama) and who did nothing, or the messenger( Romney)? The words just fail me! Obama's words are meaningless. He is nothing but a loser. He is nothing, He is in a full-blown mode of desperation. The death of Ambassador Stevens and his 3 staff members was a direct result of the policy of Muslim appeasement, and the apology tour that Barack Obama has been on since the very first day of his presidency.
At least Romney showed leadership by taking questions. Unlike the “won” who turned his back on the media and ran to Vegas for another fund-raising event.
I’d like to know who is advising this Idiot? And whoever is advising this idiot, please keep up the good work...because he sounds more and more disgusting every day.! How long are we going to continue with this apologist, this sorry sack of s**t of a U.S. President who has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's not fit to tie the shoelaces of the most humble of citizens in this great country
God in Heaven get us to November and January so they we can FINALLY put out the trash!

Chateau Robert said...

As gratitude for our overthrowing the uprising in Libya, Libyan extremists have murdered the American ambassador and his 3 staffers. The Libyan government, if we can call it that, either cannot or will not protect U.S. diplomatic personnel. And the world wonders why last year the U.S. bombed one group of Libyan cutthroats only to aid another. And yet we continue to send millions in aide to these angry mobs.
Obama’s effort to appease Islam is another failure, as we see there is no change in the anti-American attitudes in Libya or in the rest of the Middle East.
These attacks on the anniversary of 9/11 are vey significant. They come right at a time when we are considering a $1 trillion cutback in defense over the next decade. They should give make us cautious about proposed intervention in Syria. . They embarrass any who continue to conceptualize radical Islamic violence. The chants of “Osama” and “Obama” in Egypt make a mockery of the recent “ Osama is dead and General Motors is alive” chant at the Democratic convention.

Fredd said...

Silver: I completely agree with your sentiment that we should just leave these folks alone to stew in their boiling cauldron of hate. And when we have to deal with them, show up armed with an aircraft carrier group or two and a fleet of B-52s.

dmarks said...

Give these protesters free sandwiches. After they eat then, tell them that one of the sandwiches one of them ate had bacon in it.

Then watch them tear each other all to tiny bloody pieces.

Jersey McJones said...

Could you imagine if a bunch of American diplomats were killed during the Bush administration and liberals bashed Bush for the killings? You cons would be outraged. But then no amount of hypocrisy, let alone truth, can stand in the way of a conservative and his partisan hatred.


FreeThinke said...

SIng this little ditty to the tune of Alexander's Ragtime Band:


Come on and hear! Come on and hear!
The sound of new theology.

It's from the left. It's very deft.
It's message tolls for you and me.

We need to get rid of sexism's taint
And all traditions quaint.

It's very clear. Much once held dear
Is now abhorrent to the Saints!

Come in and hear! Don't shed a tear
For old traditions now passé.

We must deride our ethnic pride
And bow to all that's Dark and Gay.

We need to open up and celebrate
The current trend towards self hate.

Come on and hear and love what's queer.
You must. There can be no debate!







~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

Meanwhile overseas, we have sown the Islamic wind and are now reaping a whirlwind.

Hardly. Despite the pearl clutching by The Ladies Who Lunch this is hardly the event the fringe right wants to portray.

Morocco, Tunisia, Niger -- small demonstrations that came to NOTHING. Hardly on the level of he "cartoon" riots.

Yemen -- Rioting is the national sport. No casualties this time. Pretty blah.

Egypt -- Despite the deranged parrots on the fringe right screaming, Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Brotherhood it is shaping up as no such thing.
The equivalent of the black flag anarchists that plague leftist demonstrations here decided to get frisky. The grabbed a flag and that's it. Big hairy deal.

Libya -- Yes, this one is tragic and appears to be the only one that was planned. So we wait and see how Libya reacts.
It is critical because Libya rejected the fundamentalists in the elections and those supporters are going to probe.

But lets fire a few missiles, let the idiot Likud get stupid and send in some useless toy soldiers to stir things up, right?
Or we can try to be constructive. We might remember that America took a while to resolve some critical issues. Or we can join the fringe right filth that thinks the only thing to do is occupy, install a dictator and show the towel heads who's boss. That's the program of the fringe right which speaks so often of freedom.

These poor right wing souls who are victims of their own philosophies. Live or die but don't poison everything.

skudrunner said...

SO let me get this straight. A group of lunatics attack a US embassy killing Americans and the Ambassador over a movie no one has ever heard of on September 11. Obama's embassy in Egypt condemns the movie and says we should respect others faith. No word from Obummer because he is so worried about the Ambassador missing that he goes to bed.

Romney comes out and says it is a disgrace the way the administration responded. Obama takes the apology by the Egyptian embassy off the web site, issues a strong statement about punishing those responsible and then blames Romney for speaking to quickly.

I know I am missing something but how is it that Romney acted incorrectly?

Thersites said...

The equivalent of the black flag anarchists that plague leftist demonstrations here decided to get frisky.

They don't plague "Tea Party" demonstrations duckman. Why is that?

Looks like the Leftists and al Qaeda have a lot in common... primarily... a quietly "sanctioned" use of violence to achieve political objectives.... but one applicable only to those "of the vanguard".

Steve said...

Yes you are missing something

Teresa said...

I think Bush's notion or policy of wanting to spread freedom to the Muslim lands is admirable but naive. Although, maybe if Bush had had more support from liberals rather than divisiveness and political chicanery it is possible that both operations in Afghanistan and Iraq may have gone more smoothly.

But as of now I totally agree with Silverfiddle's excellent post. We need to get the heck out of these Muslim countries and let their peoples take care of each other.

Thersites said...

In the words of then Occupy Oakland spokesperson in the video link above, violence is a mere "tactic" that is "justifiable" (ala "we were insulted by a video')

Thersites said...

Looking for "moderate Muslims"??? Don't hold your breath. Simply re-watch from 1:30-1:50 in the video.

Steve said...

You supported Bush invading Iraq. Now that has been proven a mistake based on lies you say lets get out. You blame Dems. for not supporting Bush's invasion of Iraq, even though they voted to give him the power to invade Iraq, but Dems lack of support, is why invading Iraq was a failure?
Get your lies straight and accept responsibility for your actions.

Silverfiddle said...

Thersites et al:

Could you imagine the liberals screaming if instead of what happened, it was a crowd of rabid Christians storming some government building here in the US and killing four people?

Thersites said...

I'd say that the likelihood of THAT ever happening is something approaching zero, in terms of probablilities. I think that Brian has learned his lesson.

Thersites said...

What made invading Iraq a mistake is the fact that WE"RE NO LONGER THERE. What made it an UNPARDONABLE mistake, is that was NOT transformed into an American "colony" from DAY 1.

Thersites said...

Had I been in charge of Iraq, I would have granted every American veteran willing to relocate $1 million voucher exchangeable for weapons, provided he married a tribal village elder AND promised to take four Iraqi wives.

Thersites said...

erratum - tribal elder's daughter for tribal elder, above.

Thersites said...

Had that policy been instigated 10 years ago, there'd be a 7-11 on every corner in Afghanistan today.

Thersites said...

It's called "having skin in the game".

Rational Nation USA said...

This thread has turned quite interesting.

Steve said...

What made Iraq a mistake were the lies Bush & Co. stated to falsely invade a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.
Yet you blood thirsty Bushies were happy to kill innocent Iraqis.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Steve said...
"What made Iraq a mistake were the lies Bush & Co. stated to falsely invade a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.
Yet you blood thirsty Bushies were happy to kill innocent Iraqis""

Yes there is a difference between the Coward Obama apologize for the Killing of 4 innocent Americans., and Bush who wanted to revenge the killing of 3,000 Innocent people.
Obama is a puppet in the hands Marxist’s and he is too ignorant to make his own decisions or to realize the consequences of these events and decisions in the Middle East. He was too busy supporting the overthrow of governments and the murdering of Foreign leaders. His misguided missions in support of the Arab Spring, along with the Muslim Brotherhood is madness and in my opinion everyone that dies as the result is on Obama's hands.

Teresa said...

So is Steve saying that all of the intelligence agencies around the world that concluded that Saddam was a threat along with his having WMD's were lying? Do you honestly think that Bush & Co had control over all those agencies around the world? That's one heck of a conspiracy theory for ya.
And they actually did find trace amounts of WMD's as well as the ones that were found in Syria recently have been linked to Iraq's Saddam Hussein. But liberals would have given Saddam more time to create more WMD's?

It was you liberal U.N. appeasers that allowed Saddam more than adequate time to ship his WMD's to Syria. If it wasn't for you peace loving appeasement hippy types then Bush could have actually had a proper surprise attack on Saddam. No, but you dhimmis like to broadcast our foreign policy info to the world.

My Conservative Thoughts said...

Obama's weak kneed response to the attacks on our embassies have all but guaranteed his defeat. It's shameful that an American president has so little outrage over the deaths of Americans. The only good thing is that real Americans now know what his real beliefs are and will turn him and his wife out in November. Maybe our country can still be saved.
The Democrats on these boards denigrated President Bush at every turn during his Presidency. I am sorry your partisan clouded judgement has stricken you with amnesia. The Democrats are the pseudo-patriots in the room. If you want action you need to start at the top. Obamas comments on the middle east are so rife with weakness that he needs somebody to insert a rod into his spine just to stand up.
I have NEVER been so ashamed of a President as I am now.
We are in the trouble we are around the world because we are considered weak. When a President goes around the world "bowing" to other world leaders and half the DNC "boos" God, this is a sign of submission and weakness to third world beliefs. Obama is weak but our great land has always been strong. Our country should be "Respected" not loved.
Obama and Hillary apparently don't want to offend their beloved friends in the Muslim Brotherhood who probably use Old Glory for a prayer rug. This is sickening and smells like the Carter presidency of 1979 all over again.
Meanwhile, back at the White House, we have that clown Joe Biden one heartbeat away from the Nuclear Codes. Having Biden on the ticket surely disqualifies Obama from another feckless term.

Richard said...

The main difference between most of the Obama supporters and Romney supporters is that the Romney supporters sign their checks on the front, and the Obama supporters sign their checks on the back, and most of those are signed on the front by the US Treasury.
Most kool-aid drinking liberal’s blame America's actions for causing 9/11 to happen.
Yesterday it was Cairo and Lybia, today it is Yemen! Good job Obama! Now they too can scream about killing Osama and how GM is still alive, Spike the football some more and rub it in their faces harder. You betrayed the Seal Team 6 by identifying them and have released too much information about our intelligence network and cyber activities, and that got a Helicopter full of Seals killed, .....All for getting re-elected .Obama fails again....always too late and always apologizing.
The President is now not even calling Israel an ally anymore, how about that!.

Steve said...

Except Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11
Yes, all the intelligence was wrong, another incompetent Bush move

FreeThinke said...

If you happen to be an asshole, LISTEN UP:

Get this and get it STRAIGHT:



YA GOT THAT, MORON? If not, it's high time you did, FOOL!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

@Theresa - "If it wasn't for you peace loving appeasement hippy types then Bush could have actually had a proper surprise attack on Saddam. No, but you dhimmis like to broadcast our foreign policy info to the world."

A nation doesn't build up an invasion force on the other side of the globe, and hope for a 'surprise attack'. I've seen many oddball theories on how this, that or the other is the fault of liberals or conservatives......but this one really goes outside the bounds of logistical reality.

-FJ said...

Iraq is the key to owning Iran. And both the moderate Sunni and America have a strategic interest in keeping the Iranians neutralized.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

@FJ - There's some merit to what you write, but it should go without saying that removing the regional counterweight to Iranian goals of gulf hegemony - and replacing it with a regime allied with Tehran - is not the smartest strategic move.

Darth Bacon said...

Morons will be morons. They will never get it!

-FJ said...

Balanceof powers. The Shi'a and Sunni are rivals. I play BOTH sides against the middle. Alii Sistani's "quietists" in Najaf vs Ali Khameini's veleyaat al-fiqh lovers in Qom.

skudrunner said...


If you think back you will see that BC decimated the intelligence agencies in the US because Hillary didn't think they were necessary. It took years to rebuild those agencies.

Granted the intelligence was not solid on Iraq but neither were were the intelligence agencies. Congress even believed it because they supported the invasion before they didn't.

Bush went to Congress, Obama invades without consulting anyone.

-FJ said...

Move the Shi'a political and religious center of gravity to Bagdad from Tehran and the Sunni extremist nutjobs will tone it down a few notches

Constitutional Insurgent said...

@FJ - I am in complete agreement with playing both sects against one another.....but until we figure that out, we have both sects playing against us.

-FJ said...

Leave the Qom centric Shi'a in charge, and the Saudi's will start building "the bomb".

-FJ said...

the Brotherhood in Egypt wants to spank the Shi'a with an Islamic Counter- Reformation.

-FJ said...

The Shi'a are MUCH more vulnerable and therefore, more dependent upon external support. Up until the Shah's fall, they made for great "clients".

-FJ said...

Khomeini's veleyaatal fiqh (guardianship of the jurists) is considered Heresy by the Shi'a mullahs in Najaf.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

@FJ - You're not saying anything that isn't known, and I would like nothing more than to watch the two have an all out rumble....but my concern is more on the actions and influences that we can effect.

-FJ said...

Moqtada al Sadr will soon be running BOTH iran and Iraq. thetwo countries will unite, with or without American support.

-FJ said...

What's the CIA good for ifit can't find a client in Moqtada al Sadr?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

The Mullahs in Najaf and Nasiriyah aren't running the regime in Baghdad. So unless we are going to foment a southern Shi'a uprising [shades of the past?]....we're spectators in your theory of hopeful outcomes.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Mookie? Great. The guy responsible for the killing of several of my Brothers is not someone I'm wishing a great deal of success upon.

Steve said...


-FJ said...

Sadr is a direct descendant of the Prophet...

Teresa said...

I'm talking days versus months. Heck even a couple weeks versus months would have been much better.

dc said...

Where's U.S. acting Prez today?
Campaigning in Golden, CO of course! He'll be late for dinner tonight.

Show motivated from current events:

-FJ said...

...and in opposing the Americans and standing with Saddam Hussein...a Sunni... a man of "ambition".

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Sadr is a direct descendant of the Prophet"

Yep...that's what he tells his followers all right. I'm sure he's trustworthy....

-FJ said...

He cametoheel, because the quietists like al Sistani drew him to heel. He only went fromNajaf to Qom to study because the Americans weren't smart... but then, why should THAT. be a surprise?

-FJ said...

Like it or not, Sadr is going to be running things in Iraq...and if he's as ambitious as I believe him to be, iran as well.

Rational Nation USA said...

Perhaps if everyone ignored Steve the troll he might vanish, like smoke in the wind.

Teresa said...

A nation can build up an invasion in silence without letting the U.N. know about their plans for war. This would have been a wise tactical move especially when you consider that a number of members of the corrupt world club had a political/personal interest in the oil for food program and abuse thereof. Saddam had a number of months if not a year to move his WMD's thanks to the libs and appeasers of the world.

Steve thinks every agency lied. To think that takes a special kind of logic, the twisted nonsensical kind.

-FJ said...

The current regime in Bagdad will soon be history. This is your future, America. Either start playing to win now, or you WILL lose, badly.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

@Theresa - Do you imagine there would have been some sort of plausible explanation for building up forces in Kuwait while petitioning the UN for sanctions and the authorization to use military force?

Come now....isn't this taking the blame game a bit far? You would certainly raise the issue if someone were writing an assertion that was logistically and logically impossible, would you not?

Teresa said...

Come one @Constitutional Insurgent how can you ignore the possible drawbacks of going to the U.N. for authorization twice over an extended period of time? Even a certain political book explained the drawbacks of giving Saddam so much advance notice.

For you to assert that having a surprise attack is impossible is ludicrous. We do it all the time around the world.

Hack said...

Reminds me of the old pre 9/11 movie..."Rules of Engagement" with Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones.

Silver, as one who has also spent time in the box, you and I both know most of the American citizenry don't have a clue about the Middle East.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

@Theresa - You could well be confusing 'attack' with 'invasion'. The two are not the same.

There is no way possible, in this day and age, to obscure an invasion. And now you're blaming Liberals for the Bush Administration for going to the UN?

The entire premise for invading Iraq to begin with is moot; WMDs weren't present, and there has been no credible intelligence after the fact, to suggest that a program existed, to any extent described, after our exploitation of the nation. We found minor munition stocks from pre-Desert Storm, and TF McCall transported yellowcake out of the country, that had been identified after DS/DS.

Instead of expending energy on misplaced blame to your political opponents, just imagine what might have bee accomplished in Afghanistan were it not for the distraction of OIF?

-FJ said...


Violate the terms of a peace treaty as grossly as Saddam did, and if you don't get inavaded, then SHAME on the country that FAILS to invade you.

-FJ said...

afghanistan was the al qaeda trap. OIA broke us OUT of it.

-FJ said...

Instead of Killing Americans, al qaeda killed SHI'a.

How stupid are you, CI?

-FJ said...

You might as well have painted bullseyes on every GIs back...

-FJ said...

The Sunni and Shi'a will NEVER trust each other. That is OUR advantage in the region.

Ducky's here said...

Could you imagine the liberals screaming if instead of what happened, it was a crowd of rabid Christians storming some government building here in the US and killing four people?

That's it? That's what you've got?

But in Right Wing world a country goes through a violent civil upheaval and everything is suddenly sweetness and light. Everyone love each other and loves the chosen people of the U.S. The special people.

As I said. Fringe right wingers are hypocrites who would rather just install a lousy dictator than go through the inevitable pains of this evolution. That's because you stand for nothing but your own comfort.

I've never been a big Obama supporter, not at all, but I'm thankful he and Clinton were there to just keep cool and deal with this matter intelligently. Keep your eye on the adults.

Ducky's here said...

Reminds me of the old pre 9/11 movie..."Rules of Engagement" with Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones.

Yeah, it's a movie you hack.

It's a freaking action movie.

-FJ said...

Why did al qaeda fly two planes into the WTC and another into the Pentagon? To get us INTO Afghanistan. That was the kill box that they destroyed the RUSSIANS in.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

FJ - Do you always post in multiply drunken Haiku's. Of course Afghanistan was the trap. al Qaeda broadcast that strategy to anyone willing to listen.

I advocated the intent to eliminate al Qaeda. Sadly, that intention has long been shelved.

-FJ said...

just imagine without the distraction...Sunni and Shi'afighting America...TOGETHER WITH Saddam!

-FJ said...

Brilliant war strategy, CI.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Please attempt to articulate a strategy before you deign to malign the one I haven't divulged.

-FJ said...

the divulge one. So far all you've done is criticize others.

FreeThinke said...

No one knows
In which direction he should go.
No one cares
Exactly who is "BO."
Tell me why we bicker 'mongst ourselves
Yielding victory to the demon elves?

Rational Nation USA said...

Few want to accept
That our system is bereft
With corruption and deceit

No one cares as the water is deep
Tis easier to blame and spin
Than to see the mirror and understand

Lest they find
Nature forbid
That they might be
Part of the problem...

Ducky's here said...

So Rational Nation, what are our options?

Romney's foreign policy team looks like a bunch of blood crazed bulletheads dedicated to getting the neocon band back together. How did that work the first time?

Of the two major party candidates Obama seems the prudent choice.

viburnum said...

Ducky: "Of the two major party candidates Obama seems the prudent choice."

Prudent or poltroon? We REALLY don't nee another Jimmy Carter.

Of course I'm from the old school who thinks it's better to be pissed off than pissed on.

KP said...

@Ducky -- True, Romney is more like the neocons; just as true, Obama is replaying the history of Jimmy Carter in 1979. Even the same words. It is eerie.

That acknowledgment gets us no closer to a solution.

Ducky's here said...

So just what is the preferred position, KP?

Insert another bunch of dictators?

When Netanyahu starts getting butch should we get all bent when Obama does the prudent thing and tells him to take a freaking walk?

The M.E. is going to evolve and there are going to be some bumps but for us to go around swinging our dick just because some anarchist unemployed soccer hooligans go on a rampage in Egypt or the Yemeni riot for the upteenth time is just plain silly.

It may take a while but they know who led the Libya attack. Hunt him and take the shot. What are the options?

Or we can act like a bunch of damn bed wetters because the world isn't going completely our way. Boo-hoo. that kind of hubris is obsolete.

Rational Nation USA said...

@ Duckey... Let's pull in our horns, bring our people home, shut down our embassy in all middle easten countries, stop all aid both military and humanitarian, and let the regiion sort it out for themselves.

Then wait and see how soon it is before their sorry as*es come begging for our dollars. In which case we can tell them to go pound sand. Something they certainly have a lot of.

jez said...

"Time for carpet bombing. Warn them first... then... just like we did in Germany during WWII. Anymore deaths of Americans, one city at a time. They want to live in the stone age, lets help them out."

I assume this is a joke, but it's hard to tell sometimes fellas. At least a few of you are genuinely nuttier than a bag of cashews.

Thersites said...

Insert another bunch of dictators?

Due to the primitive state of their seventh century Koranic moral code, a "bunch of dictators" represents the ultimate "goal" of their Islamic political struggle. Who are we to deny them?

Thersites said...

The "caliphate" isn't and never has been a "democracy". The ummah do NOT want a "president".

Thersites said...

Until they all get wired into the internet, the ME won't ever be ready to be incorporated into the "Society of Control" necessary to sustain a "democracy".

Thersites said...

Non violence is a "secondary" biological genetic expression. It is the result of "culture" and "strict" behavioral training. And to "impose" that training, a "caliph" may be required for a rather LONG duration spanning at least two FULL biological generations.

-FJ said...

...of course, after the two generations you end up with snarky PoMo/Post-civilizational Marxist black-bloc anarchist types... the "vanguard" of the new dark ages.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

The man is a gutless coward and a disgrace. Send him packing America before you're sent packing into history with him in the lead.

Thersites said...

A gutless coward is the best kind of client.

Steve said...

Perhaps if all you didn't cover for Nazi boy, you might get rid of some of your own bigotry.

Deputy Cornfuzed Democrat of the PC Police said...

Yeah, these right wing bigots are trippy!

Is it time for the Klan meeting, Stevie?

Deputy Cornfuzed Democrat of the PC Police said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deputy Cornfuzed Democrat of the PC Police said...

The old klavern just hasn't been the same since Robert Byrd retired from the Senate last term.

Inspector AIPAc said...

D0n't fret Deputy Cornfuzed... I'm sure Stevie and friends have scoured their local klaverns and recruited a suitable replacement!