Monday, August 12, 2013

Does America have a Foreign Policy?

(CNN) -- America's foreign policy has gone into a tailspin. Almost every major initiative from the Obama administration has run into sharp, sometimes embarrassing, reverses. The U.S. looks weak and confused on the global stage.


We've had the Monroe Doctrine, the Marshall Plan, hell we've even had the Reagan Doctrine, Clinton Doctrine, and Bush Doctrine, yet no one seems to be able to define what an Obama Doctrine is.

So what is the Obama Doctrine?  The reset with Russia?  The Arab Spring?  Energy Independence? What about the "pivot" to Asia?  If you're looking for the Obama Doctrine all of these things come up,  yet not one of them even appears to have been successfully executed.

Incoherent & Uninspiring

Whatever the Obama Doctrine is, it is lost in the apparent mindless shuffle from one crises to the next, visionless, poorly communicated & poorly executed.  Broad and immeasurable political platitudes are fairly safe,  but they aren't a policy.

Does anybody have a clue?

A leader needs vision and needs to be able to communicate that vision, inspire that vision to others, and motivate others to achieve it.  I'm not asking whether or not any particular incident was handled properly or even handled at all.  We can argue over Benghazi until we're blue in the face,  but it is all moot if you don't know what direction we are headed or what our destination is.

Ironically, Hilary Clinton was right... without overarching national goals and concrete objectives, not knowing whether we are closer or further from our destination... what difference does it make?


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