Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nanny Bloomberg

The Nanny's Latest

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on a Friday morning radio show that NYC Housing residents should be fingerprinted.  He also went on to elaborate that while Housing residents make up 5% of the city's population they commit 20% of the crime.  Bloomberg wants to fingerprint the 600,000 residents who live in public housing.


 A spokesman for Bloomberg said that "All security is moving towards biometrics - even the next iPhone will have fingerprint security".  Apparently the spokesman is unable to differentiate between using your own fingerprint to secure your iPhone and giving it to the government to get into housing... although given the current state of affairs in electronic security, perhaps using your fingerprint to secure your iPhone is giving it to the government.

Fix the Locks

An attorney for the Center for Constitutional Rights suggested that perhaps before fingerprinting residents, the city ought to consider fixing the locks on the doors to the buildings.  Now I have to admit we have biometric fingerprint security in my workplace,  swipe your badge, put your finger on the sensor, and the door unlocks.  It prevents people from walking in and out of areas outside of the common public areas, with lost or stolen Id badges.  But I can assure you that it isn't linked to IAFIS (the federal fingerprint database),  I'm not so sure that Bloomberg would make that assurance,  nor am I sure would I believe him if he did.

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