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Al Gore is an ass, and idiot, and a liar

Global Warming:

Perhaps it's due to all the hot air you're spewing.

In Kansas City

To those attending the Folk Alliance International conference, he noted examples of flooding in locations both remote and closer to home, such as in Manitou Springs, Colo., where high water barreled down mountain highways last year, carrying cars along with it.
“They had never seen anything like this in Manitou Springs,” Gore said.

Kansas City Star

They had never seen anything like this, except for...

1864, 1882, 1885, 1886, 1921, 1929, 1935, 1965, and 1999

In 1864 the level of Fountain creek, which runs through Manitou Springs, rose 20-30 feet.

In 1882 a flood swept out of Williams Canyon following a storm, destroying bridges and railroad tracks.

In 1885 a storm dumped 16 inches of rain, washed away homes, people, and livestock, destroying the railroad bridge in Manitou Springs.

In 1886 was a virtual repeat of the 1885 storm.

In 1921 Fountain Creek crested at over 15 feet.

([Manitou Springs Flood] by Harry L. Standley, ca 1921. Courtesy of Special Collections, Pikes Peak Library District. Image Number: 001-143.)

In 1929 a fifteen foot wall of water washed down Waldo Canyon, wiping out the nearby town of Crystola and the Midland Railroad tracks. The storm also washed Emma Crawford out of her grave on Red Mountain, casket and all, an event now commemorated annually in Manitou Springs in the Emma Crawford Casket Race and Sidewalk Estate Sale. 

In 1935 was what is classified as a 500-year event, meaning you can expect to have a flood of this magnitude once every 500 years.  Where I-25 now lies, near America the Beautiful Park, Monument Creek became a raging river, 32 feet deep. The Fountain Creek channel can handle a flow of 1000 CFS, in 1935 it peaked at over 50,000 CFS.

The Colorado Avenue Bridge was wiped out by the Memorial Day flood of 1935.

In 1965 following 9 inches of rain, 10 bridges were washed away

In 1999 following 12 inches of rain a 20 ton boulder swept out of Williams Canyon crushing a Manitou Springs home.  US 24 was closed at 21st Street for three weeks as the bridge over Fountain Creek was repaired.  1999 was classified as 10-year event.

 Where's Waldo?

In 2012 on the mountain slopes above Manitou Springs, Colorado was the start of the Waldo Canyon fire. Fire baked soils are water repellant, and the fire charred more than 18,000 acres of heavily forested mountain terrain above the city. Restoration work has been underway for months, but wildfires create hydrophobic soils, almost impervious to water. Imagine the effects of paving 30 square miles of mountain backdrop, and it’s easy to understand how flood events can threaten Manitou Springs.  


Manitou Springs 2013

In the event referenced by Mr. Gore  an inch and a half of rain fell quickly across hillsides scorched by last year's Waldo Canyon fire. With few trees or plants to absorb the moisture or slow the runoff, an avalanche of water, mud and grinding rocks came crashing into town from the hills.



LA Times

And Warmist wonder why people don't believe them...

It's because you constantly lie out your ass in an effort to further your own agenda without any basis in fact or reality. 

The flooding in Manitou Springs in 2013 was a direct result of a normal North American Monsoon rainfall event on an area that was burned by a human caused fire. Nothing to see here, move along.

Denver Post

Those who fail to study history are doomed.. believe folks like Al Gore, and Al Gore is obviously talking out his ass.

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