Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Sick Perversion of Liberal Logic

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office gave new fuel to the debate over the Affordable Care Act Tuesday with its estimate that the law will lead to the eventual loss of about 2.5 million full-time jobs.

The Apologists

Wisconsin Democrat Mark Pocan, claimed during Wednesday's hearing that being jobless would be a net positive for many people in his state. 'What that means is instead they might be able to tuck their child in bed at night and read a bedtime story, or go to an activity, which means they’re better off.'

Glenn Kessler in the Washington Post goes to great length to explain that 2.5 million people won't lose their jobs:

"One big issue: the health insurance subsidies in the law. That’s a substantial benefit that decreases as people earn more money, so at a certain point, a person has to choose between earning more money or continuing to get the maximum help with health insurance payments. In other words, people might work longer and harder, but actually earn no more, or earn even less, money. That is a disincentive to work.  Thus, some people might decide to work part-time, not full time, in order to keep getting health-care subsidies. Thus, they are reducing their supply of labor to the market.  Look at it this way: If someone says they decided to leave their job for personal reasons, most people would not say they “lost” their jobs. They simply decided not to work"

Oh yeah, I get it... people won't  "lose" their jobs, they'll just choose not to work, sticking the rest of us with the cost of their healthcare subsidies.  Why didn't you just say so!

You know what is a disincentive to work?

Working so other assholes don't have to.  Long before I reach the end of my productive life and hit mandatory retirement age, I'm going to give Uncle Sugar the middle finger and start handing out happy face stickers at the local Wal-Mart.  Sure I could keep working, keep paying taxes... but why should I?  Me, I'm going  to 'reduce my supply of labor' to the market and the rest of you can go commit biologically impossible acts upon yourselves.  Mind you it will be entirely for 'personal reasons', I think I'd rather just 'go to an activity'... but don't worry, you won't be paying for my health insurance.

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