Tuesday, February 4, 2014

None of the Above

Would you vote for None of the Above?

There is a bill in New Hampshire to add "None of the Above" to the ballot to allow voters to express their dissatisfaction with a field of candidates.  If "none of the above" wins, there would have to be a special election. I haven't seen any details on how that would work but have to wonder if those who lost to "none of the above" would be excluded.

None of these candidates

Nevada has had this option on its ballots since 1975 but in the foremost example of government stupidity if "None of these candidates" wins, the election goes to the candidate with the next highest number of votes.

In the 1976 Republican Primary for Nevada's at large district "None of these candidates" received 16,097 votes allowing Walden Earhart to win with 9831.  It has also had a spoiler effect, in 1998 Harry Reid defeated John Ensign by 428 votes while "None of these candidates" walked away with 8125 votes.

Not a bad idea but...

if none of the above wins an election, there needs to be a special election excluding those candidates who lost to none of the above.

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