Thursday, February 13, 2014

Limousine Liberals & Gauche Caviar

Dr. Vino, This One's For You

Tyler Colman, a "wine educator" with New York University and the University of Chicago, takes exception to the wines served at the White House State Dinner for French President Francois Hollande on his blog: Dr. Vino.

These are odd wines to serve at a State dinner
The wines were:

Morlet “La Proportion Doree” 2011 at around $60 a bottle

Chester-Kidder Red Blend 2009  at around $50 a bottle

Thibaut-Jannison “Blanc de Chardonnay” at around $30 a bottle 

Apparently Dr Vino takes exception to the serving of cheap wine at State dinners.

they are modest... the Obama White House seems to have made a conscious choice to bring down the price of the wines.

God forbid Michelle spill a $30 wine on her $12000 dress!

Dr. Vino needs to pull his head out of his bung hole and come to the realization that the vast majority of his fellow countrymen don't consider $30 - $60 wine to be cheap.

What does Dr. Vino recommend? A Dominus Estate Christian Moueix from the Napa Valley retailing between $300 - $400 a bottle, or go whole hog and by a 3-liter Double Magnum for $1499, a case for $3540, or perhaps a 6-liter Imperial for $4758.62

As far as Western Hero is concerned Dr. Vino's opinion has the intense bouquet of pisse intermixed with notes of ripened merde and the long lingering aftertaste of the bourgeoisie.

Another example of how Democrats and Socialists are the biggest joke ever played upon the proletariat, but I have to give Obama credit... $30 - $60 a bottle for wine for Francois Hollande is more than adequate.

As far as the wine snobs go:

Let them eat merde

And remember what the Western Hero says... Wine is for Women, real men drink whiskey; Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, Rye... just stay away from that Canadian stuff ;)

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