Monday, August 4, 2014

Enough Already !!!

Once upon a time, we were a nation of immigrants. We came for freedom, we came for opportunity, but we came most of all to become Americans. To espouse and live out the idea that no matter where we came from we could unite as one people, and live out the dream together. The latest trend however seems to be bent upon making us a nation of strangers huddled under one roof.

You can imagine my dismay to come home the other night, flip on the TV and find my hometown team, the Phillies had taken the field against "Los Mets".

 So I wonder. When are the rest of us going to receive equal time in America's most cosmopolitan city? To help out the Mets front office in that endeavor I've done a little research for them.

 Arabic: ميتس, Chinese: 大都會, Dutch: de Mets, French: les Mets, : Greek: Η Μετς, Italian: i Mets, Irish: an Mets, Japanese: メッツ Portugese: os Mets, Russian: Мец, Serbian: Тхе Метс, Slovenian: Metsi,  Welsh: Mae'r Mets

Of course, coming from Philadelphia my favorite would have to be German: Die Mets!

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