Friday, August 29, 2014

What is


What began in 1986 with less than two dozen people has morphed into an event in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada that last year drew almost seventy thousand people.  It's not the first giant effigy burned, Santa Fe has been holding the Fiestas de Santa Fe since 1712 and burning a figure of Zozobra... "Old Man Gloom" since 1926.  The festival in Santa Fe generally draws a crowd of about fifty thousand, which Burning Man exceeded first in 2010.

The event does charge admission for the week long event, $380 this year.  Might be steep but last years 69,613 participants paid the same price.  The event organizers discourage commercial ventures under the principle of decommodification although some drinks, ice, fuel, and RV dump are run commercially with most of the proceeds going to charity. Participants are asked to be self-sufficient, bringing everything they may need with them.  Participants must also sign a contract ceding copyright to Burning Man for all photographs and videos.

Basically it's a big week long party in the desert, celebrating art, music, and billed as an experiment in temporary community.

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