Thursday, August 14, 2014

Foreign Entanglements

Photo: José Cruz/ABr

Integrate them into your own damn country

Carlos Slim, Mexico's richest man and second richest billionaire in the world announces plan to integrate criminal aliens into the American workforce.

“This is a population of great potential, and our goal is to reduce the access barriers for them to reach this potential, we want to incorporate them to the formal workforce"
 ~Robert Tapia-Conyer CEO, Carlos Slim Foundation

If they're a population of such great potential, why don't you integrate them into Mexico instead?

Carlos Slim, worth $73 billion according to Forbes, amassed in a country whose per capita income was $12,800 (and you thought the wealth gap in the US was bad), and in which Mexico's own government declared in 2013 42% were living below the national poverty line.  Those of a certain political bent are fond of tossing around the term "robber baron", you need look no further than the photograph above to see one.

Decorum precludes sharing my opinion of Carlos Slim and his plan, what do you think?

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