Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rejoice, Columbia's Sons, Rejoice

Dissatisfied with your performance last night?
Perhaps a little embarrassed this morning?

You might be a Democrat and...
You might be suffering from Electile Dysfunction

No, no...
A bag of little blue pills isn't going to help you
You need to get back to basics

The gloomy night before us flies,
The reign of terror now is o'er;
No gags, inquisitors and spies,
The herds of harpies are no more.

Rejoice, Columbia's sons, rejoice
To tyrants never bend the knee
Join with heart with soul and voice
For Jefferson and Liberty.

Lift up your hands ye heroes,
And swear with proud disdain,
The wretch that would ensnare you
Shall lay his snares in vain

You'll have to forgive a little musical gloating for...

Betcha gonna wish you had that filibuster now!
As the saying goes...
What goes around comes around.

"I am not on the ballot this fall…. But make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot," Obama said of Democratic proposals such as raising the minimum wage. "Every single one of them."
These policies have been repudiated by the American voter, 

Now I'm not so naive as to believe everything is going to change, or really that anything is going to change... but I do love poking fun at our liberal compatriots.

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