Friday, November 7, 2014

Calling all Czars!

Where is Ron Klain*?

* Ron Klain is President Obama's new Ebola Czar.

But where is he? He failed to show at the President's big emergency meeting last week.

My guess? He's behind the scenes setting up the grift, figuring out how to make the best political advantage of this crisis and use it to sluice grotesque amounts of taxpayer money into the pockets of politically-connected FOOs (Friends of Obama)

That's what DC bagmen like Klain do. He's a fixer. It's why he was hired. A serious president would appoint a serious doctor as 'Ebola Czar,' or better yet, a serious president would dispense with such transparent kabuki theater and rely upon government people already in place at HHS and NIH.

Anyway, how will Czar Klain spread around the government largess? Under what guise? Ebola sensors at all major airports, etc? Like the way Former Heimatland Sicherheit Kommissar Chertoff cashed in on the terrorist scare by selling his multi-billion dollar security scanners that didn't work to the federal government?

Manpower. Maybe we'll see some big contracts that employs hordes of people, kinda like the left's version of Halliburton, only unlike KBR, these workers will have no useable skills or clearly defined roles.

An expansion of Homeland Security? More swat teams for HHS and NIH?

The possibilities are endless. Can you come up with any ideas to help Ebola Czar Ron Klain cover Obama's keister while simultaneously helping FOOs loot the US Treasury?

Please, put your modesty aside. No idea is too outlandish for this merry band of swindlers.

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