Monday, November 17, 2014


Earlier this year the Oregon Senate passed Bill 833, a measure to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens.  Opponents gathered enough signatures to put the measure on the ballot and they had a vote.

Do a Google News search on Oregon Ballot Measure 88 and you'll find little reporting outside of Oregon itself.  Would you not think that with all of the talk of executive action to effectively grant amnesty to some six million persons residing illegally in the United States that the national media might pick up on the results of this referendum?

But Oregon's a liberal state you might say, the results wouldn't reflect national opinion... you might think that, but in liberal Oregon, the measure to give illegals driver's licenses was defeated by...


In fact the measure was defeated in every county in Oregon except for Multnomah, which is part of the Portland metropolitan area.  And you wonder why conservatives think that the mainstream media is biased against them.

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