Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vendepatria en la Casa Blanca

President Obama is a liar:  In his Facebook speech announcing his big speech that would come a day later, he claimed that our immigration system is broken. 

No it's Not:  
It is negligently administered and barely enforced.  People cross our borders with impunity, social services and taxpayer-funded services like schools are ladled out to all with no questions asked, and employment enforcement is nonexistent.  When is the last time you heard about a workplace raid?  More importantly, has any employer ever been punished for hiring undocumented workers? 

El Vendepatria
There's a Spanish word for President Obama that our neighbors south of the Rio Grande know quite well:  Vendepatria; one who sells out his country.  Any citizen in any country of Latin American would hurl that insult at her president if he took an action like Obama's.

Barack Hussein Obama is anti-American, and he leads an anti-American criminal enterprise known as the federal government, which is separate and distinct from We The People, and is dedicated to our enslavement.

We have a job shortage in this country resulting in millions of chronically-unemployed.  What does Obama's Enterprise do?  Import more workers who have a demonstrated track record of accepting below-market wages.  The simple law of supply and demand guarantees that wages will not rise.

Common sense also predicts that this will attract even larger waves of humanity to our southern border, which means more death, rapes and robberies along the way, and more exploitable people here that will constitute an even larger problem than President Obama's latest diktat claimed to address.  And by the way, if his unilateral proclamation was so humane, why did he only hand out 5 million golden tickets, and exclude over 15 million more undocumented unfortunates living here?  How inhumane is that?

Divide and Conquer
This creates another noisy Democrat constituency too poor and ignorant to help themselves.  The more uneducated and unemployable the new arrivals are, the better.  It grows the nanny-state, employs a burgeoning cohort of poverty-pushers and gives racist bigots and grievance hustlers like La Raza and MEChA a bigger bullhorn and a bigger slice of taxpayer-funded largess doled out by progressives in government.

It's Their Nation, We The People just Live in It
Mark Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley want cheap labor, hi-tech and low-tech, because there is no such thing as being too rich, and our progressive government (infested with progressives of all parties) enables them, as it does the Wall Street gangsters.  These nefarious swindlers, along with the US Chamber of Communists, are selling the country right out from under us.  They are stealing our birthright, and purposely changing the face of this nation.  Hollywood drug addicts and cultural pornographers are the the propaganda arm of this Cultural Long March.

They don't care that this nation is becoming a third-world toilet.  They live and travel in their own guarded enclaves.  Their children do not attend government schools.  They are rich enough to shield themselves from the societal destruction they perpetrate.

Free people in Tocqueville's America forming free societies and determining their own lives is messy and inefficient.  Today's progressive elites of all parties need us to be needy, addicted to government nickles and dimes, moving which ever way they nudge us.

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