Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Cadillac and non-traditional marketing.

Cadillac recently announced that it is changing its naming scheme...again.  Cadillac is abandoning three letter designations like ATS and CTS and the new flagship sedan will be the CT6.

Cadillac is also moving its headquarters from Detroit to New York, that brilliant strategy also came along with the now infamous comment "Everyone in New York is always just a little bit ahead of everyone else”

Cadillac's Brand and Reputation Strategy director also gave an interview with Fortune under the headline "... It's not about the cars."

“We want to be a global luxury brand that happens to sell cars. We don’t want to be an automotive brand,”

Good luck with that... because when it comes down to it, it IS about the cars.  Sure if you're a shallow metro-sexual fashionista it might be about the brand, but there are only so many of those, and even fewer that are buying cars.  Which is why I own a Mercedes and not a Cadillac, but then again I guess when all you're doing is badge engineering on  a GMT K2 platform all you really have to sell is brand.

Me, I'm not interested in a Cadillac unless it's the 58 in the video above. Let me know when it goes back to being about the cars.

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