Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I Pledge Allegiance?

ABC News reports:  

"Americans are a little less likely to ask what they can do for their country these days."

This is the logical result of decades of cultural vandalism carried out by rabid professors and societal firebugs who have trashed our history and engendered disdain toward our founding principles. I don't know what's kept them from dynamiting the faces off of Mount Rushmore.

I imagine there is also a "screw you" component to this by millions of people who believe the government has been screwing them.  The article also points out the generational aspect: Younger people feel less loyalty the greater good.

Bow Down to Moloch?

The Federal Government cheapens citizenship by allowing millions of people to barge their way in and live just like they were citizens, so what's so special about citizenship?

Zinn-powered progressives have been shouting for decades that there is nothing special about the United States, and it's just an accident of birth that we were born here. President Obama told us that, sure, he thinks America is special, just like people in Togo or Uzbekistan think their country is special. So why should we feel any sense of duty toward an accidental government of an accidental state powered by murder, slavery, Yankee imperialism, white supremacy and illegal wars?  What makes the US any better than Burundi or Argentina?

The progressive police state known as the Federal Government, along with their Wall Street Bankster masters, crony corporation co-conspirators, and Silicon Valley robber barons is selling the nation and our birthright out from under our feet.

Why would anyone feel a sense of duty to a nation without borders? Anyone who shows up gets handed a free pass, also known as a notice to appear in two years or whatever... But even worse, the rich and well-connected come and go with impunity and they bring their cheap labor with them and pay politicians for exemptions to our laws. None of these people hold any allegiance whatsoever to the United States, but our government picks the pockets of citizens to cater to them as they treat our nation like a cheap whore.

We have no unifying language, with government spewing forth a fountain of Babel: ballots, drivers tests, public school instruction... And forget the outmoded concept of shared culture: Leftwing firebugs incinerated that decades ago.

So, what is this Federal Progressive State of America, and what do we owe it?

Here are comments from others in the thread:
Maybe it's because Americans are sick of being tracked, traced, digitally followed, harassed by the IRS and militarized police and lied to by our leaders. Illegal immigration and lawlessness in our government has caused people to turn their backs.
Long story short: When sovereignty is no longer intact, there is no such thing as a patriot, as a patriot wouldn't have allowed the dissolution of sovereignty. This country is no longer cognizant of its sovereignty, and is giving what little is left away wholesale. So I see not one thing to be patriotic about.
What the H*ll do you think it would be when we have a Government that thrives on corruption, lies, fraud, invalid data, broken promises , racism, pork-barrel spending, unfounded wars, broken borders, partisan media, etc., and a National Debt that is un-payable. If the people we elect to represent us do not do so, then all we can care about is how to survive in the morass. [...] This is NOT the United States I grew up in.
That's just a small sampling of the opinions of your fellow Americans.  What do you think?

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