Monday, December 1, 2014

How to Stop the Immigration Madness

Our immigration system is not broken, and President Obama's imperial decree will not "fix" it. With a wave of his magic scepter, he has just invited millions more in.

Two actions would slow the tide and turn it into a trickle:

1. An ironclad worker verification system...
...(unlike the puny, nebulous system we have now) and draconian punishments for employers who hire undocumented workers.

We can do this folks. We're in an age of global banking networks and almost instant background checks for gun purchases. We have the technology, but government doesn't have the will, thanks to their masters, the Silicon Valley Robber Barons and the US Chamber of Communists.

Instead of armed INS raids at job sites, with news footage of poor men and women being cuffed and stuffed, accompanied by interviews with scared wives and children whose breadwinner has just been locked up, it should be government bureaucrats auditing the company's employment records, and frogmarching the management off to jail.

2. No government assistance...
...of any kind to anyone who cannot prove she is here legally. That includes publicly-funded services like schools and hospitals. We should provide medical care to anyone who needs it, but for the undocumented, the next step after receiving care is a plane ticket home, with the US government billing the undocumented immigrant's government.

No government contracts to churches to provide assistance to illegal immigrants. If Churches believe providing succor to people here illegally is the work of Christ, then they can do it on their own dime.

Take away the chance to work and remove access to the social safety net, and you remove the motivation to come here illegally or to overstay your visa. Sounds harsh, but government's first debt is to its citizens who pay to fund it. 

A pleasant side-effect is that the absence of undocumented people would remove the stigma of being from somewhere else and erase the cloud of suspicion that maybe you are mooching off the government because you talk funny.  There will always be bigots and haters, but reasonable people of goodwill have a right to question what goes on in their own country.
In the near future, I will blog about what our nation would look like if we took these steps.

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