Monday, December 8, 2014

Why we need to hang the lawyers!

  What you see here is a standard six foot, indoor/outdoor extension cord available almost everywhere this time of year. It purpose is to provide power for Christmas lights. 
 In order to use this device in as inconspicuous and unobtrusive manner possible, I had to remove no less than 10, count them 10, warning labels in both English, and Spanish. ( There were actually 11, but I left the "UL approved" label in place ) Fully 15% of the length of the cord was taken up by labels.


 The gist of their content, in both languages, was to discourage the use of this appliance in fashions that could never be contemplated by anyone with an IQ rivaling that of an aspidistra. If you're dumber than that, you probably can't read them anyway.

 While I confess that I haven't investigated whether this insult is the contrivance of a government who thinks it's citizenry brainless dolts, or an industry bullied into such measures by trial lawyers slavering over the prospect of paydays, either way it's offensive and you can bet the farm that somewhere, somehow, the lawyers are behind it.

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