Monday, December 29, 2014

In like a Lion out like a Lamb

Ending with a Whimper not a Bang

Well, as of yesterday the War in Afghanistan became officially over. There will be no parades, no victory arches built although I presume, eventually, there will be a monument.  Not even everyone is coming home, plans are to leave some 10,800 troops there to prop up the failing, perhaps soon to be falling Afghan government.

So what do you think? Have we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory? Is our national resolve the equal to our national attention span (Hey how's that Ebola crisis going?)?  We are a people that are more and more demanding of instant gratification (shock and awe) and less and less in it for the long haul (Gettysburg and Chickamauga), we are the ADD generation... we want it and we want it now and if we don't get it we grow bored and move onto the next big thing (ooh...Shiny!!!). 

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