Sunday, September 18, 2016

Shame on you Billy Ford

Henry Ford
Billy Ford, Photo: Steve Jurvetson
Mark Fields, President and CEO Ford Motor Co. Photo: Ford Motor Company A/S

Ford President & CEO announces the shift of all Ford small car production to Mexico.
‘Over the next two to three years, we will have migrated all of our small-car production to Mexico and out of the United States.
This comes on top of Sergio Marchionne's announcement that Fiat Chrysler will cease all automobile production in the US (they will still make RAM and Jeeps here).

Ford has $224B in assets and has reported pre-tax profits of $3B for the second quarter of 2016. 

I support Trump's 35% tax on Ford cars made in Mexico.

American manufacturing jobs have fallen from a peak of 19M down to 12M with most of the losses occurring since 2000.

Fields' response that no jobs will be lost ignores the fact that 2800 jobs will be gained by Mexico, NOT the United States.

Automotive manufacturing jobs in Mexico are up 40% since 2008 mainly with GM, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler.
Honestly I'm sick of American companies exporting jobs for the sake of profits.  I've been hanging onto my 2007 Jeep Wrangler for quite some time now and had pretty much narrowed my vehicle search to a Ford F-150 or another Jeep (been waiting for the 2017 model Jeep and its rumored diesel).  I may have to rethink that position. What do you think?

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