Monday, September 12, 2016

What did you do Sunday?

Amid protests and rumors of protests, as I write this I am enjoying a quiet leisurely Sunday afternoon sans football.  Of course it is impossible to avoid entirely amid the news stories of Dolphins kneeling and KC's Marcus Peters throwing a black power salute but I am exercising my rights too by not watching any of their bull.  

Amid the idiocy of players insulting us for the privilege of watching them play a game for way too much money lies the NFL, threatening to fine Tennessee Titan's Linebacker Avery Williamson $6076 for wearing cleats commemorating the victims of 9-11.  Williamson's red, white, and blue cleats bear the words 9/11 and Never Forget.

Most games are finished for the day and I have no idea of what the scores are and who won or lost, what's more refreshing is I really don't care.  More importantly for all the sponsors and advertisers out there I didn't watch a single witty pop culture commercial and remain completely uninfluenced in my consumer purchase habits.  


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