Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Con Game

"Conservatism's frowning, shattered visage lies half sunk in the desert of an antique land..."

William F. Buckley planted intellectual seeds, and they bloomed. Barry Goldwater rose, incipient, but withered under a mushroom cloud.

Ronald Reagan rode in, a Shane at High Noon, and stared down the bad guys. He restored the townfolk's faith in themselves, then rode off into the sunset. That was conservatism's high-water mark.

Newtie the Sta-Puft Marshmallow man towered and thundered, and the Dems quaked, and some historic reforms were pushed through, but his own scandals brought him down, and political conservatism has been a mewling puddle of incoherent mush ever since.

Yeah, we had the TEA Parties, but they turned into Sarah Palin circuses. Nobody cared that half the country hated her, and that we'd never expand the tent with her finger-wagging smart-ass sass, but we laughed and amused ourselves, and it was all good until the circus tent collapsed.

Those longing for the good old days will be longing for a long time.

Death of Conservatism: An Inside Job

The Government-Pop Culture-News Media Triumvirate killed the TEA Parties. The DC toadies in the press jammed mics in TEA partiers' faces and conducted hostile cross-examination on national TV, grilling ordinary citizens much harder than they ever had a politician. The Media Triumvirate excoriated Uncle Walt the Vietnam vet and his bride Aunt Emma for daring to challenge the DC emperors and expose them for the naked, craven phonies they really were.

There was a time not so long ago when the press would have celebrated citizens holding their elected officials accountable. Hollywood used to make movies about stuff like that.

Even after all that, I still don't blame the left. Sure, they patiently laid the social groundwork over many decades, but conservatives, libertarians, and non-political liberty-lovers drowsed off under Reagan's cowboy silhouette, and we now awake to a progressive nation.

We went on vacation and left it to the political pundits, and they blew it. The rightwing pontificators preached to the peanut gallery and gleefully ridiculed our ideological foes. Think that's funny? Effective? Do you feel any urge to join a group that loudly lampoons your cherished beliefs and mean-mouths you?

And we blew it by parroting their caustic bullshit instead of thinking for ourselves and engaging our fellow citizens in sincere, respectful conversation.

This is Where it has gotten Us:

Conservatives are now viewed by a broad section of society as sour and hateful, and that is quite an achievement stacked up next to liberals Bill Maher, Barney Frank, Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, Dan Savage, Ted Rall, Al Sharpton and the entire Clinton Crime Syndicate's hatchet squad.

Conservatism is unfairly painted as one giant hate group in a nation where the progressive Planned Parenthood keeps the black population down, and angry rhetoric flares from leftwing racist groups like La Raza, MeCHa, CAIR, and the New Black Panther Party.

Conservatives are shouted down and shut out of popular culture, public social media, and college campuses, but conservatives are branded "Intolerant" and a danger to "Diversity."

It's upside down; a rape of reason; but here we are.

I reject blaming others, because if the problem is beyond your command, then so are the solutions. There is no going back. Time is a one-way street. The only option is to blaze a new trail in this brave new world, and that means cutting sling on those old people and stale ideas that have dragged us down.

... as in 'Bowel Movement'

The "conservative" "movement," such as it is, is "led" by fools, clowns, shrieking harridans, self-important pompous asses, crap weasels, nest-featherers, fake populists, liars, turd blossoms, turncoats, compassionate crapitalists, crouching masturbators, bastards, gay bashers, four-flushers, sour-mouth haters, racists, Elmer Gantrys, summer soldiers, firebugs, turncoats, progressive statists, and dimwits who couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel in pictograph.

They're still using Barry Goldwater's 1960's rhetoric, only with flamethrowers.  And God bless Barry Goldwater, who by the way would probably kick every one of those inept buffoons and gutless poltroons right square in the ass with the pointed toe of one of his cowboy boots.

We are a progressive nation...

... and we will continue down that path until new people with new ways to state eternal truths come along.

The old order is dead: Ann Coulter, Limbaugh, Palin, Levin, Hannity, Kristol, the whole stinking pile of them should pile their useless asses onto a cruise ship and sail off into the sunset. And take Donald Trump with them. Retire. After all the ha-has, hee-hees, millions of words of inflammatory rhetoric, pontification, excoriation, they've gotten the cause of conservatism... Nowhere. Actually, less than nowhere. We're back to Pre-Buckley.

Hayek repeated the very old truism that if an idea is to take hold with a new generation, it must be framed in that generation's way of thinking and stated in that generation's language. Conservatism has failed, profoundly and completely, to do that.

Turn off Rush, throw Coulter's books in the toilet where they belong, and tell Reverend Huckabooboo and his ilk to get their ass back behind a church pulpit where they belong. Then, go Google Adam Carolla.

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