Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Playing Trump

Photo: Michael Vadon

Despite or perhaps because of coming off as a braying jackass, Donald Trump has surged to the lead in the polls.  The little tiff between Trump and McCain started when McCain stated that Donald Trump was bringing out the crazies in the GOP, if that's the case so be it, he's bringing out 26% far surpassing any other GOP hopeful. In fact, gaffes that would have brought other contenders to their knees seem to add fuel to the Trump fire.

The question is why?

My opinion is that the electorate is sick and tired of politicians and Donald Trump doesn't talk like a politician.  He gets more credit for speaking his mind like Joe at the bar than he gets negativity for speaking politically incorrectly.  In many ways he's the Republican answer to the populism of Barrack Obama, I keep half expecting to come across a commercial on TNT "Next on Reality TV... the Trump Campaign" 

What do you think is the basis of Donald Trump's popularity?

*There Can Only Be One is an off-handed reference to the movie Highlander, Donald Trump's mother was Mary Anne MacLeod of the Clan McLeod. 

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