Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kicking against the Pricks

Did you really believe that fascism would arrive in America waving a flag and carrying a Bible? Instead, militant we-say-so-ism dogpiles nonconformists, burns an American flag and tears out Bible pages to roll oversized doobies with...

I am for the rights of all in this country, including gays, atheists, transgendered, immigrants and Muslims.  I want America to be a place where people of all races, religions, and ideological stripes can breath free and determine the course of their own lives free from harassment.

What disturbs me is how diabolical activists attach themselves to an issue of fairness, hollow it out and turn it into a Trojan Horse to assault our Judeo-Christian heritage and that most hated group:  white men who refuse to castrate themselves and get on board the progressive bandwagon. And it is principally hateful white progressives stirring up the masses.

It Takes a Village of Idiots

Most disturbing is how we don't need government jackboots to enforce politically-correct thinking, speech and actions.  Government indoctrination centers known as public schools have conditioned us to police ourselves by using lawsuits, peer pressure and social media to maumau the dangerous freethinkers into conformity.

Rebel flags, Donald Trump, conservatives, anti-illegal immigration, Evangelicals, climate change skeptics, small government advocates, TEA Partiers, The Dukes of Hazard...  The progressive hive's list of enemies grows longer each day.

Why did Univision noisily attack The Donald Trump and break its contract with him?  Because they can.  Americans have rings in their noses and are easily herded from one manufactured outrage to the next.

Quashing Dissent is the Highest Form of Progressive Patriotism

We can't leave each other alone.  No one is entitled to his own conscience anymore.

Ask Brendon Eich why the rabble is now screaming for the heads of old statues to be knocked off and CSA Generals to be disinterred.  Eich was ousted from the company he founded because an activist termite discovered that six years earlier he had contributed money to the successful anti-gay marriage campaign in California.

We're compelled to trash and tear down everyone who doesn't think and act like we do.  Not only that, we publicly delight in the misfortune of the hated other.

It's all about the Tribe

The public square has fractured into a dystopian landscape of competing tribes and warlords, a grand war of all against all.

Che is still OK!
People scream about slavery that ended 150 years ago, but not a word about contemporary slavery and human trafficking, some of which actually happens here in America.

Feminists rage against mansplaining, manspreading and rape culture, even as they surpass men in higher education and break down one barrier after another while enjoying more freedoms than anywhere else in the world.

Meanwhile, women are treated as property in much of the world and trafficked for sex slavery, but not a peep from the North American Black Widow Tribe that needs trigger warnings and authority-enforced sex rules so they can drink and get stupid just like men, and then throw the men in jail to smother their shame at getting their Jezebel on a little too strong.

Immigrant activists and the leftwing guilty whites who enable them trash this country even as they crash the borders and wave the flags of the failed states they escaped from.

White racists fuel the worst "white people" stereotypes by spewing vile, racist filth on comment threads...

I could go on, but why bother?

All I can say is, enjoy the party while it lasts, progs.  As your enemies retreat and self-censor to avoid your idiotic, reason-free confrontations from hell, you will turn on one another (just ask Rachel Dolezal, or any true liberal who has strayed from the reservation), and I'll sit back and laugh.

I would say that we have devolved into Somalia, but that would be a micro-aggression.

We are a nation of pricks, and we deserve one another.

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