Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Where do we go from here?

Pope Francis is firmly in the leftwing Democrat camp, the Supreme Court has buoyed Obamaism, Hillary Rotten Clinton literally corrals the press as she rides her broom to the White House, and the GOOPers in congress couldn't light the torch of liberty if their asses were on fire.

Then there's the niggling problem of Western societies and economies coming apart at the seams:
“How is society going to cope with structural unemployment and the envy, hatred and the social warfare?” he said. “We are destroying the middle classes at this stage and it will affect us. It’s unfair.” Continuing in dire terms, he said: “We’re in for a huge change in society. Get used to it. And be prepared.”
-- Johann Rupert, Billionaire owner of Cartier
Where do we go from here?  The GOOP has no answers, they've done nothing with their majorities except enrich themselves, and the GOOP primary is shaping up to be another fundamentalist tent revival preach-off.

I was very close to changing my party affiliation to Democrat, but I could not return to that party (I voted for Al Gore in the 1988 Democrat primary).  So I ended up choosing Libertarian; it's closest to how I feel anyway.

Politicians and the global elites are selling our country out from under us, and nobody listens to us.  What concrete steps can we take to make the politicians change their ways?  How do we take charge of our country and our lives again?

I've asked this question in other forums, and I get a lot of answers that advocate one political philosophy or another, but those answers are no good because we can't get there from here.


And all I can say to those on the right itching for a third party (with apologies to General Patton) is...
You don't win elections by splitting off into a third party.  You win elections by making the other poor, dumb bastards split off into a third party.
A New Kind of Hope

Here's what I wrote over at AOWs to try to cheer up those who believe our Republic is dead:

The Republic is far from dead, my friends. But, the experiment the founders spoke of has failed. The DemonCrap-GOOP government blew up the chemistry set.

We tried, we really did, and we had something special for awhile, but we're Germany now without the efficiency and thrift; Britain, Italy and France without the long, glorious past and ancient ruins.

We can go on a long time like this: Just look at Argentina, or for a longer example, Greece.

People here will learn how to hide their wealth from the government, trade labor to avoid taxation, and an underground economy will thrive. Corruption will flourish, and people will find a thousand ways to quietly thumb their noses at government and throw the sabot into the machinery when they get the chance.

Also, the progressive insurrectionists will eventually turn on one another in the frenzy for ever-greater ideological purity; they always do.

New Situations Require New Thinking

I have some ideas, but most of them sound crazy and I'm not prepared to discuss them yet.

What are your ideas?

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