Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to Identify a Likely Terrorist

No, you're not getting a picture since I refuse to post pictures of *$%#% Muslim Terrorists that should be buried in a 55-gallon drum full of bacon fat at the bottom of a manure pond on a swine farm.

I was reading an article in the Washington Post the other day about people protesting the governments seemingly idiotic policy of importing our enemies.  Well come on, be kind, they don't have the airlift and sealift capability we have, how else are they gonna get here?

In this article they cited a quote on Facebook from a Hamilton County Public Defender, for those of you unfamiliar with Tennessee, that's where Chattanooga is.
This same thing will happen again, likely soon, unless our government can do a better job of identifying our enemies.

So, I've put together a little quiz to see how well you, our general readership, can do at identifying the likely Islamic terrorist on a simple list:

James Smith
John Johnson
Robert Williams
Tomas Garcia
William Jones
David Miller
Fuad Khalaf
Richard Davis
Diego Rodriguez
Joseph Anderson

Not too difficult huh?  I just picked the name sort of randomly off the National Counter Terrorism Center List and tried to pick someone without a lot of press.  If I gave you a list of 100 random names taken out of a phone book and included among them those responsible for terrorist attacks against the US in the past ten years, chances are I think you'd get an "A" if I asked you to pick out the likely terrorists.

Now I'm sure one of our progressive friends will come along and pick James Smith or Joseph Anderson just to be contrary, but you know... despite their bluster, they will know just as you do who the terrorist on the list is.



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