Monday, July 6, 2015

Hillary Rotten Clinton's e-mail Non-Scandal

I like the foreign press because they report and say things the DC servants in the US press dare not.

Britain's Daily Mail gives us a nice summary of Hillary Clinton's on-going e-mail non-scandal, and they start with the obvious:
Tuesday's revelation covers barely 3,000 of the 55,000 pages that must go online by the end of the year; 9:00 p.m. release suggested State Department tried to bury it.
Indeed.  Here is a rundown of what was in this first public installment of the clandestine server e-mails Her Rottenness the Clintoon (HRC) turned over to the State Department:

* 25 e-mails were classified by the State Department (remember the shills in the press assuring us she conducted no confidential national security business on her personal server?)

* Hillary lied when she told us Sidney Blumenthal was providing unsolicited advice.  E-mails show her querying him for information.

* The Obama administration lied when they said they knew nothing of her clandestine e-mail.  Records show David Axelrod, Jack Lew, Rahm Emanuel and others sending her messages at that address

* No Thrill between Hill and Bill.  Hillary and her Clinton Crime Syndicate partner in crime Bill, keep up on each other's whereabouts via intermediaries, rarely communicating directly (Can you blame either one of them?)

Many are poking fun with the exchange where Huma Abedin tries to explain how to operate a fax machine...

...But the #1 bizarro e-mail mentions her meeting with Santa:
'I'm seeing Santa at 8:30,' she wrote her deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin six months after taking office, 'so [we] won't take off until closer to 9:30.'

They tried to pass it off by saying she was referring to her hairdresser who is named Santa, but subsequent investigation revealed what we all suspected:

"It was a typo. HRC was really meeting with Satan."

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