Sunday, October 11, 2015

American Pornucopia

Drunken SilenusJusepe de Ribera, 1626

Heroin addiction in America is on the increase, as is alcohol consumption, binge drinking and pot smoking.

The percentage of obese and diabetic Americans is also climbing.  Big Pharma markets us pills to mask the symptoms of an overindulgent lifestyle, so let the good times roll!

The Pornification of Everything

You can go read what porn has done to many men (and women). It is a horrible corrosive that peddles an unattainable fantasy and it has rendered many people uninterested and incapable of participating in a normal relationship.  Now, hold that thought, put sex out of your mind for a moment, and apply that concept to every other endeavor

Porn:  It's not just for sex!

The concept of porn can be applied to almost any subject, and that is why I say we are a pornificated society.  Here's a broader definition:

(Silverfiddle's Expanded Definition):  Taking the basic concept as it relates to sex, but applying it to any human endeavor that takes a good or beautiful thing, and then blows it all out beyond any sense of reason or decency, primarily for the purpose of titillating others and/or for craven self-gratification.

Given this definition, we have booze porn, food porn, violence porn, political porn, fashion porn, lifestyle porn, etc.

What's Going On?

Our society suffers from a sickness of the soul. I don't know what's caused it, but we want bigger, better, faster. To quote Jim Morrison:

"We want the world, and we want it now!"

Is it the entertainment culture continuously rolling out bigger bangs, bigger boobs, harder bods? More graphic sex and violence? Shattering all taboos?  

Restaurants clamoring to keep our business by constantly updating menus to keep us stimulated? 

Every industry, including vacation, real estate, fashion, auto, etc is selling us a fake plastic lifestyle.  Are we unwilling to see it is just too good to be true?

I don't know, but too many of us seem way too distracted to enjoy life's simple pleasures.  Go out and look around.  People are walking zombies, starting at little screens, or talking to disembodied lifelines that keep them from being alone with their thoughts or having to talk to the person next to them.

What's Going On?  

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