Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Government Programs that Didn't Work?

I'm not picking on the WPA, it was just a convenient example of a government program.

Of course there have been lots of government programs whose detractors claim didn't work, most probably, but the question is this:

Can you think of a government program that didn't work, that the government actually stood up and admitted didn't work?  In the thousands if not tens of thousands of government programs over the years there had to be some mistakes, some absolute flubs.  Statistically there had to be some failures, can you think of any examples where the government manned up, took responsibility, and declared "Well this was a complete and utter failure, lets try something else?

I'm not talking about agencies that failed in the execution of their duties, such as the VA, or the pre-9/11 intelligence communities, which were management problems.  I'm talking about programs that were not just mismanaged but that were inherently and conceptually flawed.

I've been looking for examples without much success, how about you?

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