Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lets talk media

Photo: Byron Rollins - AP
Are they biased Now?

Pretty much the majority of major news outlets hail Hillary Clinton as the winner of the Democratic debate yet the majority of popular polls indicate that Bernie Sanders won, most by significantly large margins.

How can the press be so disconnected?  Are Sanders supporters stacking the polls? Is the media in the Clinton machine pocket? Are they grading her using college debating team rules? Why do the press and the people have such divergent views of the same event?

Is CNN deleting pro-Sanders posts?  Plenty of Sanders supporters say yes.

I noticed this myself after viewing poll results last night and this morning, then at lunch checking up on the news I was somewhat surprised to see all the Hillary Wins articles.  I watched the entire debate and my impressions were... Webb was the only Republican on the stage, Chafee probably accidentally wandered in from the audience, O'Malley seemed to hold his own and had the most refined presence, Hillary was typical Hillary, and me, I would give Bernie Sanders the win and I despise everything he advocates.

A Bernie Sanders presidency would be a complete and utter disaster, he would have not only all Republicans voting against him but conservative Democrats as well leading to bipartisan veto overides.  My personal opinion is he would get absolutely nothing accomplished and it would be like four years without a President.

What do you think?

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