Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Going to Hill in a Handbag

but at least its a Ferragamo bag!

Well if you ask me anyone who will pay $800-3000 for a bag, or not to be sexist, a briefcase, is preeminently unqualified to be president, and did I mention stupid?

Hillary Clinton in an interview in Harper's Bazaar said:

My view was that I would carry it around only in spring, but it makes me so happy, I'm even now lugging it around in January. I mean, how can you be unhappy if you pick up a big pink bag? 

Out of touch with the American people I think, but that's me, the Democratic Party debate is over... did you watch it?  What did you think? 

Nothing surprising, overall I think O'Malley had the most, shall we call it "presidential" presence.

The most astonishing answer of the night was when Hillary Clinton was asked how her presidency wouldn't just be an Obama third term and replied,  and I'm paraphrasing here...

I have a vagina!

Seriously, her answer was "I'm a woman".

For those of you that missed the debate the following videos provide a concise musical summary of the two top democrat performances:

Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders

A quick review of poll data after the debate had Bernie Sanders the clear winner by 60 - 76%, scary, eh?

Time - Sanders 74%

Poll Daddy - Sanders 70%

Slate - Sanders 63%

The Street - Sanders  76%

Drudge - Even Drudge had Sanders emerging as the nights winner at 60%

These numbers were those within the first hour after the debate ended, and were simple who do you think won questions, it'll be curious to see what more rigorously scientific polling reveals.

Who do you think won?

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