Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Elites are not like You and Me...

I enjoy reading the much-maligned Peggy Noonan (She enjoys the privilege of being damned by those on both the left and right).

She hits upon an eternal truth in her WSJ piece about the European refugee crisis, The Migrants and the Elites:
But here is a problem with Europe’s decision-makers, and it connects to decision-makers in America.
Damning “the elites” is often a mindless, phony and manipulative game. Malice and delusion combine to produce the refrains: “Those fancy people in their Georgetown cocktail parties,” “Those left-wing poseurs in their apartments in Brussels.”
So far so good... But then this:
"This is social resentment parading as insight, envy posing as authenticity."
At this point, I was ready to heave my laptop into the wall, but they frown on that at work...

My brain barked out an angry rebuttal:

It is not resentment! If you effete progressive elites want to have your fancy dinners and cocktail parties, have a ball. We have a problem when you presume you have the brains, authority and will of the people to go out and screw everything up. That is the problem with the elites.

But then she got back on track and nailed the heart of the matter to the wall:

"Rules on immigration and refugees are made by safe people. These are the people who help run countries, who have nice homes in nice neighborhoods and are protected by their status.
Those who live with the effects of immigration and asylum law are those who are less safe, who see a less beautiful face in it because they are daily confronted with a less beautiful reality—normal human roughness, human tensions.
Decision-makers fear things like harsh words from the writers of editorials; normal human beings fear things like street crime.
Decision-makers have the luxury of seeing life in the abstract.
Normal people feel the implications of their decisions in the particular."
Those statements damn elites everywhere to the hell they richly deserve. She just enunciated a unified field theory of everything that is wrong in this nation and the world. 

How many Somali goat-shaggers is Nancy Pelosi putting up in her house?

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