Monday, March 7, 2016

Muslim Monday

While Muslim refugees in Europe complain about the food, the weather and shoddy treatment, some are self-deporting.  Western Civilization, a hollow culture led by hollow people, continues its sad decline, the senile, sick man of the world, too timid to stand for anything and too frail to do anything about it anyway.

There is no liberalism anywhere Muslims have a majority.  There is no spot on earth whose society, economy, culture or people have been improved by Muslims taking over.

The Muslim world is an open sore. Medieval men with medieval mindsets forcing women to dress in medieval costumes and look at the world through eye slits. No arts, no culture, no scientific achievements

Can you blame people for escaping to the West?

More importantly, can anyone explain why so many want to turn their new home into the same toilet they escaped from?

Where is the self-reflection of the refugees? 

The price of entry should be the realization and public confession that their islamic culture has wrecked their homeland so badly that they chose to escape it. Islam has poisoned their societies, brought them cultural and economic devastation and made Muslim lands some of the most backwards on earth, to include the Muslim nations with money.

Western governments need to tell newcomers to their faces that we don't want their societal cultural bigotry and religious obscurantism here. We are a liberal democratic society where the rights of all are equal, and that includes the rights of booze vendors, hog butchers, pornographers, sour-faced God-mockers, flaming homosexuals, skanky booty shakers, mouthy women, and sarcastic Muhammad-mockers.

By all means, worship however you choose, but we will not adapt or cater to the backwards, destructive cultural practices that have destroyed the muslim world. There may be no female doctor to examine your wife's goodies, and a female police officer may tell you to sit down and shut your pie hole; and she may crack you over the head, slam you to the ground and completely humiliate you if you refuse to comply.  That's how it works here.

On the other hand...

Peep this and learn how American Muslims are a cut above their religious confrères in other countries.  You'll also see how closely they track American Christians in attitude, views of their religious texts, and sabbath observance. Of course, our government is doing its best to turn this all around, by radicalizing people here, stoking victim-hood anger, and bringing in un-vettable people from the Islamic world's obscurantist swamps.

Muslim Critical Mass

We've seen a familiar pattern.  Muslims in small numbers thrive in the west, integrate and everybody's happy. Get enough of them together though, and a few bad apples poison the whole umma. William Kilpatrick writes in The Vast Majority Myth, how a passive, acquiescent Vast Majority is all it takes for a dedicated sliver of fanatical butchers to hack up a society.

Another troubling question:  Why aren't peaceful and modern Muslims in the west protesting against government importation of potential jihadis from backwards cultures?  If I or my parents had escaped an islamist dysfunctional freak-show, I sure as hell wouldn't want my new nation importing any of it.

Barely related...

When a Muslim gets jihadi fever, goes crazy and murders a bunch of people, everyone in his family and at his mosque claim they never saw it coming.

When a crazy white man snaps and shoots a bunch of people, all kinds of people, including family members, come out and say, "hell yeah, he was crazy, thought Google was spying on him through his car, that President Obama was a space alien..."  Neighbors describe being on edge, knowing he was going to blow, coworkers shake their heads and say they know he was a ticking time bomb...

Western 'leaders' are criminally insane for inviting in people from incompatible cultures.

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