Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sooper Dooper Toosday

As I write this the polls are still open, in fact the Colorado Caucus doesn't start for another six minutes and the media is forecasting Clinton and Trump to take six states so far excepting Vermont and Oklahoma (Sanders) and Texas and Oklahoma (Cruz). Hillary and Bernie are currently running neck to neck in Massachusetts.  No major surprises so far except for Oklahoma, I wouldn't expect Bernie Sanders to run well in the south but I am surprised that they are calling OK for Sanders who currently has better than a ten point lead over Clinton.

Yesterday Ducky described Sanders as a messenger of discontent,  so both parties have the same problem, exit polling indicated that 6 out of 10 voters were dissatisfied with their parties and the status quo.   Only difference is the Republican messenger is winning.

I lack the motivation or interest to stay up until all the results are final, let alone go down to the precinct to participate in Colorado's antiquated caucus system.  So what do you think? Any surprises yesterday?  

Update: If you're wondering what happened to Colorado Republicans...

Thousands of Colorado Republicans caucused during Super Tuesday, but the party's pick for presidential nominee won't be revealed until late March at the earliest.  Colorado's GOP will finalize the 37 delegates it will send to Cleveland for the National Republican Convention on April 8-9 during the congressional and the state conventions. Those delegates are required to file forms detailing which candidate they pledge to support by March 27.

The Coloradoan

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